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Fifa 19 review

Here we are again, it is that time of the year. The moment that I experience the most cowardly online-aborts and get annoyed by players that only use tricks and refuse to play some actual football. But oh my… I do love me some football gameplay! Our Pro Evolution Soccer review was very positive, will EA win this legendary match against Konami? 

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Pro Evolution Soccer 17 review

Review Pro Evolution Soccer 17 | Each year football-fans are spoiled with PES and Fifa games. This year, Konami’s PES made a huge jump ahead with new gameplay mechanics and fully licensed teams like Barcelona. Providing an incredible gameplay experience, you need to play to believe it! Drop your eyes on this review and find out why you need to buy Pro Evolution Soccer 17.

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Fifa 17 review

Review Fifa 17 | As a big football fan that plays Fifa for 500 hours a year, September is always a nice time.  Always curious for what’s new and what they improved. This year we have The Journey, Frostbite Engine, new set-pieces and more. No need to defend against reading this review, attack and check out this Fifa 17 review! 

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