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The Bug Butcher review

Review The Bug Butcher | I can’t describe how much I hate freaking bugs, flies that sit on my TV. Mosquitoes that keep me awake at night and I could go on and on. People in space have the same issues and luckily The Bug Butcher comes to the rescue. Read in this review why you should exterminate the bugs in this game or not.

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Awesomenauts Assemble Review

Review Awesomenauts Assemble! | I’m always up for playing some co-op games with my girlfriend and I was glad to finally see this game on Xbox One. Previous releases on other consoles already proved that it was fun to play, but did the developer mess up the Xbox One version? Luckily they didn’t, read all about it in this review!

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Ethan: Meteor Hunter review

Ethan: Meteor Hunter review | You need good average games so great games can stand out. That’s a golden rule that many gamers forget or simply don’t know. It’s important to support these kind of games too. Ethan: Meteor Hunter is one of those games, an above average game that deserves to be played even though it doesn’t really stand out. Check the review to read more about Ethan: Meteor Hunter!

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