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The Final Station Review

Review The Final Station | A 2D platform game with pretty unique gameplay, forcing you to take care for survivors and searching the world for some needed supplies, while riding one of the last trains on Earth. With hordes of zombies that take over cities, sounds interesting right? Let’s find out in this review!

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Hue Review

Review Hue | Developer Fiddlestick tries to bring something unique with Hue, making players switch colors to pass puzzles and platforming action. The platformer genre is quite popular already on Xbox One, but Hue manages to stand out, find out why in this review! Continue reading Hue Review

Inside review

INSIDE REVIEW | Playdead’s previous game Limbo was incredible, an experience that stood out and many gamers loved it. Believe it or not but Inside is an even greater journey that is full of mind blowing game design and storytelling. Read all about it in this Inside review!

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Color Symphony 2 review

Color Symphony 2 features a unique mechanic that uses color to make it players difficult, very difficult. By shifting the background color you eliminate and introduce red, blue or yellow deadly obstacles. Is this color sensation fun to play? Let’s find out in this Color Symphony 2 review!

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TurnOn Review

A cute little electric alien from TurnOn has crash landed on Planet Earth and destroyed a power station. The cause? The entire city is without power. Can you imagine the panic? Luckily that same unknown friendly creature is on a mission to restore the power so everyone can play TurnOn again, let’s find out in this review if that’s worth it!

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