Xbox One Game Reviews

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LifeisXbox recommended games (90-100%)
Drop whatever you are doing and buy this game now!

Good games that everyone will enjoy (89-80%)
You won’t regret buying this game

Above Average (79-70%)
A game with good stuff but it might lack something to be really good

Not good, not bad (69-60%)
Enjoyable  but you will notice some design mistakes

Average (59-50%)
A game that won’t leave you with a impressed feeling, overall everything is average and you are left with a meh-feeling

Below average (49-40%)
Only real fans will like this game, fans for the genre for example. Hard to recommend but this game will have some fans.

LifeisXbox avoid list (39-0%)
Most gamers will regret buying this game, only consider a purchase if you can get it cheap. Please note that even the worst games have fans.