These games have already been announced a few days before E3 2016


Are you ready to be drowned by game information? The coming week will be a choatic mess, each game trying to fight for attention. That’s why more & more developers are pre-announcing games, let’s take a look what games have been announced so far in the past 20 days.

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Color Symphony 2 review

Color Symphony 2 features a unique mechanic that uses color to make it players difficult, very difficult. By shifting the background color you eliminate and introduce red, blue or yellow deadly obstacles. Is this color sensation fun to play? Let’s find out in this Color Symphony 2 review!

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Start virtual fishing with Dovetail Euro Fishing this friday!

Dovetail Euro Fishing was announced a while ago and was normally coming out in May. As a pretty big fan for the genre it was disappointing to see that it missed its original release date. Luckily we fishing fans have lots of patience and we didn’t have to wait too long because it’s coming out this Friday, 10 June

TurnOn Review

A cute little electric alien from TurnOn has crash landed on Planet Earth and destroyed a power station. The cause? The entire city is without power. Can you imagine the panic? Luckily that same unknown friendly creature is on a mission to restore the power so everyone can play TurnOn again, let’s find out in this review if that’s worth it!

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Overwatch review

Perfect games don’t exist, I always said that and Overwatch doesn’t change that opinion. Every once in a while, it doesn’t even happen every year, a developer brings out a game that deserves a maximum score. Is that the case for Overwatch? Let’s find out in this review!

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Mystery Castle Review

Meet Monty, a cute purple wizard that needs to survive 180 different puzzle stages. Lately, it’s raining all kind of puzzle games on Xbox One, that’s a good thing of course but not all of them are fun to play. In Mystery Castle’s case, your hard earned money is well spend. Find out why in this review from Mystery Castle. Continue reading Mystery Castle Review

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