Action News Heroes review

Action News Heroes review | Two man studio Krewe brings out Action News Heroes, a game aimed for local co-op play. No need to worry because you can play this top-down twin stick shooter alone too. The question that brings you here for this Action News Heroes review, is it worth it?

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LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens review | Let’s go back in time, do you remember what game started the LEGO craziness for console gaming? Lego Star Wars! More than ten years later TT Games brings another Star wars LEGO game with The Force Awakens, with the same similar formula and a few twists. Let’s see if the Force is still strong enough in this game! Read on LifeisXbox’s review for LEGO Star wars: The Force Awakens

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Ethan: Meteor Hunter review

Ethan: Meteor Hunter review | You need good average games so great games can stand out. That’s a golden rule that many gamers forget or simply don’t know. It’s important to support these kind of games too. Ethan: Meteor Hunter is one of those games, an above average game that deserves to be played even though it doesn’t really stand out. Check the review to read more about Ethan: Meteor Hunter!

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Hands on Snooker Nation Championship 2016

Preview Snooker Nation Championship 2016 | Snooker fans can get their hands on Snooker Nation Championship 2016 early with Xbox Preview program. The game is surprisingly finished, with achievements and everything and only €6!  So be sure to check it out, every Xbox Preview game has a free trial! Want more information? Read on with this Snooker Nation preview!

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FRU review

FRU review | FRU isn’t the first game that uses your silhouette for magical gaming moments, but it’s the first time that a developer perfected it. Will FRU be the last Kinect game? That’s a big possibility, but Kinect can be proud that it ended with a bang, with Kung Fu for Kinect and now FRU! Read more about it in this FRU review!

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Song of the Deep Review

Song of the Deep review | When the developer from Sunset Overdrive and Ratchet and Clank brings out a new game ill always be very curious. They have a mixed history of hit & miss games and Song of the Deep swims somewhere in the middle. Read more about it in this Song of the Deep review!

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Heart&Slash review

Heart&Slash Review | Playing as a cute heart robot, what could possibly go wrong? Made possible with Kickstarter, this hack and slash, roguelike game hopes to find an audience on Xbox.  Let’s take a look at this review from Heart&Slash to see if it’s something for you!

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7 Days to Die review

7 Days to Die review | A great feature about Xbox One is the Xbox Preview program for developers, unfinished games can be made available for sale. The developers can finish it up with the feedback from gamers. Ark is a fine example for that. 7 Days to Die however is not part of Xbox Preview and is being sold as a “finished” game. Simply unacceptable, read this review for 7 Days to Die to find out why! 

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