Dark Souls 3 review

Mugrrrraaahh, the sound when I die again from the same enemy in Dark Souls 3. Dying so many times in a game, it’s not something I’m used too but I don’t mind. Only one game is worth all that death emotion and that’s Dark Souls 3! Read in this review why I think it’s one of the best Xbox one games that you can buy.

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Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure review

Who hasn’t played dodgeball as a kid, is was one of my favorite school activities. Making that into a game isn’t an easy job but developer Game Swing didn’t mind and created something pretty fun to play. Love local co-op games? Be sure to check out this review from Stikbold: A Dodgeball Adventure!

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Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered review

Playing with words in an RPG setting, that’s Letter Quest in a nutshell. Is it a mix that works? Let’s find out in this review for Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey remastered!

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Quantum Break review

For me personally, Quantum Break was one of the games why I bought an Xbox One. Developer Remedy always brings something special to the table and with the time breaking Quantum Break they released another masterpiece. Check out this review on why you should buy this game immediately.

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Closed game studios | 2016 list

It’s not always good news for gaming studios, while many games are successful sometimes that’s not enough and studios are forced to close. We keep this article updated with all studio closures in 2016. (Did I miss any? Feel free to contact me so I can update it)

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MagNets: Fully Charged review

An arcade collect-em-up platformer, you don’t have many of that on Xbox One. So we could say that Magnets: Fully Charged is filling a gap in Xbox One’s library, but is it good enough ? Let’s find that out in this good and bad review!

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