Party Hard review

Who doesn’t like dancing on that incredible song, while under the influence of some sweet Bacardi Cola’s? Maybe that annoying neighbour that calls the police every time. In Party Hard those pesky party ruiners have evolved into murderous killers. Read in this review for Party Hard if that’s a fun thing to do or not!

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Sunset Overdrive review

Sunset Overdrive is a new IP for Xbox One from the talented developer Insomniac, the guys that made Resistance and Ratchet and Clank on Playstation. It features a big colorful open world in a third person perspective. The game is brilliant and is still my favorite game on the system. Check out why in this review from Sunset Overdrive!

LifeisXbox wil be reviewing every Xbox One exclusive that came out before the launch of this website, Sunset Overdrive is part of that.
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Soda Drinker Pro review, the best worst game ever

What the fuck?! Was my first thought when I started Soda Drinker Pro. My second thought was why anyone would make a game like this. My third thought was who buys this kind of game. My fourth thought was everyone will buy this. Check out this review for Soda Drinker Pro, but ill be honest, reviewing a game like this simply cannot be done right but please read it anymore!

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Blues and Bullets: Episode 2 review

I’m not going to hide my disappointment and say it right off the bat the wait between episode 1 and 2 has been too long. A shame because the first episode was pretty awesome. Let’s find out if episode 2 from Blues and Bullets was worth the wait in this review!

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