Developer Spotlight: Artifex Mundi

We are starting with a new feature on LifeisXbox, Developer Spotlight. Without developers we wouldn’t have any games, most development studios don’t really get the recognition that they deserve. For the first Developer Spotlight, we take a look at Artifex Mundi.

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UNO review

UNO review | My favorite Xbox Live Arcade game from Xbox 360? UNO! So I really couldn’t be more happy when Ubisoft announced that UNO was coming for Xbox One. The people from Ubisoft Chengdu did a pretty good job recreating UNO, besides a few weird design mistakes you’ll get your much-loved digital card gameplay from this UNO game. Check out why in this review!

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Cannon Brawl review

Cannon Brawl review | My first impression without playing Cannon Brawl was “meh.. another bad Worms clone”, it proves that you should never trust your first impression, Cannon Brawl is so much more! Read more about it with this Cannon brawl review!

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Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter

Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter review | First of all, I’m asking a big pardon for posting this review for Sherlock Holmes a month later than expected. I had a few issues with the review code and my Xbox.  As you know LifeisXbox is pretty fast with posting reviews so this saddens me deeply. Anyway, Lets go on with things! Is this Sherlock Holmes good for unleashing your detective skills? Find out in this review!

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Overcooked review

Overcooked review | Cooking is mostly a multitasking thing that people do every day. In Overcooked that multitasking causes some crazy fun cooperation with friends, you can play the game alone but you’ll be missing out on so much. Read more about it in this Overcooked review!

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Quatros Origins review

 Quatros Origins Review | It doesn’t happen much when a developer from my country, Belgium brings out an Xbox One game. So when I started playing Quatros Origins I was a little bit nervous. Wasn’t necessary because the developer made a really fun variant for Tetris. Read more in this review!

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Dungeon Punks review

Dungeon Punks review | One of my earliest game memories is playing a game called Fighting Force, Dungeon Punks is a little similar with many ideas from other fighting games and… Roleplaying games. A unique mix that makes Dungeon Punks stand out from the crowded genre. Let’s take a look if the game is worth your punches in this review!

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Action News Heroes review

Action News Heroes review | Two man studio Krewe brings out Action News Heroes, a game aimed for local co-op play. No need to worry because you can play this top-down twin stick shooter alone too. The question that brings you here for this Action News Heroes review, is it worth it?

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