Cuphead review


In rare occasions you start playing a game and you immediately realise that you are playing something special. Something truly special that will blow a fresh air in the genre. Cuphead is one of those games, actually it is the best example for one of those games.  We have been waiting for a long time, it was worth it.  Now review time begins or you can just skip this review and buy it from the Xbox Store!  Continue reading Cuphead review

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Review

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider 

 Arkane Studios invites you to Dishonored once again, walk into the world of supernatural assassins. Sneak across fight clubs, infiltrate dark magic cults, steal precious artifacts and eliminate your targets to accomplish your hardest task so far: this time you’re meant to kill a god. Welcome to the first standalone adventure in the universe of Dishonored, welcome to Death of the Outsider. Continue reading Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Review

NHL 18 review

NHL 18

It is becoming a yearly tradition, September is always great (and expensive) for Sport-lovers. Madden, Pro Evolution, NBA, Fifa and why you are reading this review NHL. Last year some big changes were implemented, some good and some bad, for this year the biggest new feature is a 3vs3 mode. Curious? Read more to see if NHL 18 is something for you!  Continue reading NHL 18 review

Maize review


Let me get the word jokes out-of-the-way first, Maize starts in a maze, not a regular maze but a maize maze. To recapitulate that, in Maize you play in a maize maze, finding your way in a mysterious story full with interesting characters.  Pretty great concept, right? A shame that a good concept doesn’t always mean a good game. Find out more in this Maize review! Continue reading Maize review

Revolve review


Always nice to see a game from Belgium, especially if it has a pretty original take on gameplay ideas. Revolve is a physics based 2D platformer that requires some patience, skill and a little bit luck. A fun mix that kept me intrigued for quite some time.  Reading the rest of the review is easier than using Revolve’s four movement actions so here we go! Continue reading Revolve review

BLEED review


Originally from Bootdisk Revolution, porting work by Nephilim Studios and published by Digerati. That’s a mouthful right? BLEED is a 2D -hardcore- twin stick shooter that will require a lot of skill to master. At the same time, while mastering it you’ll be impressed by how the game works and it is a real joy to play! Find out more in this review.  Continue reading BLEED review

Knock-Knock review


 Developed by Russian studio Ice-Pick Lodge and first released for PC in 2013, Knock-Knock has just come to Xbox One. In this mix of horror, survival and 2D platform, we guide our eccentric and insomniac hero in a house deep into the woods, trying to survive night after night while his sanity is slowly vanishing. And when he can no longer distinguish what is real from what is his imagination, someone starts knocking at the door. But would it be? Is there someone outside the house? Is there someone inside the house? Come check the answer for these questions in our review. Continue reading Knock-Knock review

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 review

PES 18

September is the traditional football game month with the releases from Fifa and Pro Evolution Soccer. You can compare it with a match between Man City or Man U, Barcelona against Real. Both have a pretty vocal fan base, one thing is for sure, each year both Fifa and PES make excellent improvements. Let’s take a deeper look into PES 18 in this review!

Continue reading Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 review

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