Nine Parchments Review

Nine Parchments

Prepare for a magical and awesome adventure! Developed and also published by Frozenbyte. This Finnish studio known for Has-Been Heroes and the Trine series now brings Nine Parchments an action game with heavy RPG  influences, where up to four players play as wizard apprentices in search for the lost nine parchments to uncover their secrets and learn powerful new spellse. Gather up your crew, pick up your most powerful staff and your most fashionable hat and follow us in this review from the Astral Academy to the mysterious ruins and wild lands of this enchanted world. Continue reading Nine Parchments Review

Attack on Titan 2 review

Attack on Titan 2

Creepy apartment high human-like giants are eating humans for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Humanity is facing total extinction and a few huge walls are the only thing from keeping them at bay.  Attack on Titan is a popular anime series so likely I won’t have to explain you the story but it is a very interesting concept for story and of course gameplay! So how is the gameplay for this giant slayer game? Read all about it in this review!  Continue reading Attack on Titan 2 review

de Blob 2 Review

de Blob 2

THQ Nordic’s family friendly game de Blob 2 makes a return for Xbox One. A lot was expected from de Blob in 2010, even invading Syfy with TV media. These plans never really came to fruition though, slow but surely de Blob is making a return for gamers. Hopefully a new full-fledged sequel is coming in the near future because games like this are always welcome on Xbox. So, how about this de Blob 2? Read the review to find out more about it.  Continue reading de Blob 2 Review

Darkest Dungeon review

Darkest Dungeon

As darkness approaches and your sanity slowly vanishes, will you be able face all the psychological and physical stress of adventuring through the deepest of dungeons to solve your ancestor’s wrongs and cleanse your family’s manor? Darkest Dungeon, the successful roguelike turn-based RPG from Red Hook Studios finally launches on Xbox One an adventure like no other before! Recruit mercenaries willing to help you, in exchange for some coin of course, train their skills and abilities and take care of their mental and physical health as they venture deeper and deeper to defeat an ancient evil. Now bring your torches and follow us through this review. Continue reading Darkest Dungeon review

The Council: Episode 1 The Mad Ones Review

The Council: The Mad Ones

Frankly I love The Council’s genre, having a narrative adventure like Life is Strange or the Telltale games always spark an interest for me. I was glad to know that the new developer Big Bad Wolf was jumping the episodic way, backed by Publisher Focus Home. So you can be sure that we don’t have another Blues and Bullets case (episodes 3-5 never released) My intrigue for the game wasn’t misplaced, as you will find out in this review!  Continue reading The Council: Episode 1 The Mad Ones Review

Super Lucky’s Tale: Gilly Island DLC Review

Super Lucky’s Tale: Gilly Island

What a lovely and unexpected surprise, Super Lucky’s Tale received new DLC. This colorful platforming game was a personal highlight for me last year so I was really happy with this news about new content. Excited as I was I jumped into the foxhole to bring you our review for Gilly Island!  Continue reading Super Lucky’s Tale: Gilly Island DLC Review

Scribblenauts Showdown Review

Scribblenauts Showdown

I must admit something. I have been a big fan of the series since the first entry on Nintendo DS! For those unfamiliar with Scribblenauts, let me tell you about it: It’s a series of puzzle/action games developed by 5th Cell and published by Warner Bros that debuted for Nintendo in 2009. In Scribblenauts, you write names of objects and animals so they pop up into the game, for you to use/interact with. Now developed by Shiver Entertainment, support for multiplayer, lots of mini games and an extensive customization system and you have Scribblenauts Showdown, the first of the series to hit Xbox. Now let’s write down “Review on LifeisXbox” so you can read our impression for Scribblenauts Showdown!  Continue reading Scribblenauts Showdown Review

TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge Review

TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge

Official riders and more than 60km reproduced of  the Snaefell Mountain tracks make this game very interesting for fans from the exciting real life race competition. The developer behind WRC and Flatout 4 took quite some time creating this motorcycling game. As we all know development time doesn’t mean anything for quality (Duke Nukem Forever …) so take off your helmet and read our review for TT Isle of Man.  Continue reading TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge Review

NORTH review


Experimental games, you don’t see them often on Xbox. NORTH is pretty much the definition of experimental, … and weird. This short visual experience isn’t your typical game and that’s fine. Developers should have the creative freedom to make whatever they want, it should remain fun though. Let this review answer that question, is NORTH fun?  Continue reading NORTH review

Fear Effect Sedna Review

Fear Effect Sedna

Let me start by saying that I was a huge fan from the previous Fear Effects on the original Playstation. The unique mix between an adult story, stealth and the sweet visuals was so awesome back in the days. I was extremely excited to see Hana and Rain again, two girls that made a lasting impression on my life. And one of the first games to openly use bisexual characters.  Did the French developer Sushee bring back Fear effect in a good way? Find out in this review!  Continue reading Fear Effect Sedna Review

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