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Reviews from Xbox games

Soul Calibur VI review

Who doesn’t like to play some rounds against a friend in a good old fighting game? I always had an intriguing weakness for the Soul Calibur franchise, some beloved characters and the battle between good and bad that manifest itself in weapons is pretty alluring for me. We had to wait a staggering six years for a new Soul Calibur game, the question that’s left: Is it good enough against all the big other fighting games? Let us find out in this review!

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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Review

How do you top the fantastic Assassin’s Creed Origins? That is the big question that I asked while starting Odyssey, while I didn’t review the previous one, I did play it for quite a few hours and loved it. A little bit curious and highly motivated I started my adventure in the ancient Greece setting with Kassandra. That is immediately one of the first new things you’ll encounter, you have the choice between two playable characters, brother and sister. So what about the rest? Luckily I won’t have to use message pigeons or light signals in the sky to tell you what I think about Ubisoft’s latest long-standing Assassin’s Creed franchise. 

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Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2

Belgian developers are on a roll, first Larian’s Divinity 2 and now the developer from Kontich, Crazy Monkey Studios releases the sequel from 2015’s Guns, Gore & Cannoli on our beloved Xbox One. In this sequel we still control our friend Vinnie and battle against all kinds of enemies in a beautiful 1940’s setting. So what did we think about this latest 2D action game? Find out in our review. 

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Divinity: Original Sin 2 Review

Known for tasty waffles, shiny diamonds, awesome beer and delicious chocolate, Belgium is a small but popular country. As a Belgian myself, I am very proud to say that on the list why Belgium is a well known place is one brilliant gaming developer from Ghent, Larian Studios! This independent studio has released a streak of great games and Divinity: Original Sin 2 is the newest addition on Xbox One. 

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8-Bit Armies

Before PlayStation or Xbox were a thing,  upgrading your PC was a viable option, had to buy some expensive video cards to enjoy a game or before the Internet was available at your home. Hell, even before games in CD-Roms, I used to play games on PCs too. Man, how I loved to play strategy games in my (now ancient) Win 95 PC. Command and Conquer, Age of Empires and Warcraft were some of the most desired games of that age which I could (barely) run them in my 14″ monitor. And now, here I am with 8-Bit Armies from the American studio Petroglyph Games, a fast-paced strategy game that captures the nostalgia of these old strategy games I loved so much and puts it in a modern game with a good retro feeling. Take your army to victory after reading our review.

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Fifa 19 review

Here we are again, it is that time of the year. The moment that I experience the most cowardly online-aborts and get annoyed by players that only use tricks and refuse to play some actual football. But oh my… I do love me some football gameplay! Our Pro Evolution Soccer review was very positive, will EA win this legendary match against Konami? 

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My Brother Rabbit Review

My Brother Rabbit

Developer: Artifex Mundi
Publisher: Artifex Mundi
When you see a game from Artifex Mundi, you know you can expect a great story by this Polish studio widely known by point-and-click gamers. In My Brother Rabbit,  a young girl is taken to the doctors to discover what’s wrong with her health, her brother will stay by her side telling a story. The tale of a brave rabbit who will do whatever it takes to help his little friend flower to heal from her illness. Prepare for a colorful and touching adventure that will take you through a beautiful world made from children imagination. Continue reading My Brother Rabbit Review

Revenant Dogma Review

Revenant Dogma

Publisher: KEMCO
Developer: EXE-Create
Games like this are becoming more and more rare on Xbox One, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that KEMCO was releasing Revenant Dogma on our Xbox console. This turn-based RPG that seems to come straight out of the 90’s was previously released on iOS and Android, we already have some really excellent games from those platforms so that didn’t make me less curious. So did I enjoy Revenant Dogma, find out in this review!  Continue reading Revenant Dogma Review

Catastronauts Review


Panic! Panic! The captain has been kidnapped!!  The new cadets will need to rescue him! Developed and published by UK indie studio Inertia Game Studios, Catastronauts is an action game where cooperation is the key for success. You and up to three other friends, cadets of the Space Fleet, will engage in battles against enemy ships, in which you will need to manage the defenses of your ship, repair damaged parts and equipments and deal with space hazards in a funny party game! Now join us in the review for this game and prepare to take these lizard-like aliens out of our galaxy!

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Sigi: A Fart for Melusina Review

Sigi – A Fart for Melusina

Developed and published by the Luxembourgish indie studio, Sigi – A Fart for Melusina is a 2D action platformer with beautiful and colorful pixel art graphics in which you play as the Knight Sigi in his quest to save his beloved Melusina. First released for PC in 2017, now we can help our mustachioed knight to rescue his dear princess. (No this isn’t a Mario-game)  But stay alert: our hero shall face hundreds of enemies and many dangers in his path while eating tons of weenies. Prepare your nose for a stinky and funny adventure! Continue reading Sigi: A Fart for Melusina Review