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Reviews from Xbox games

RiME review

Review RiME | Yes, they hit the spot. Again! After the great survival platformer Deadlight, released in 2012 for Xbox 360 and in 2016 as a Director’s Cut edition for Xbox One, and the lovely puzzle adventure The Sexy Brutale, released earlier this year, the Spanish developer Tequila Works teams up with Studios Grey Fox and Six Foot to bring us RiME, a puzzle adventure like you’ve never seen before. Controlling a young boy who, apparently, shipwrecked on a mysterious island, you will arm yourself with his courage and curiosity to discover this new world and search for answers about his past.

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Mayan Death Robots: Arena Review

Review Mayan Death Robots: Arena | Belgian developer Sileni Studios bring their robot arena fighting game to the Xbox One. You play in an Intergalactic Sports show where Death Robots battle each other in levels with Mayans running around worshipping them. Yes, you did just read that. Please read on to find out even more.
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Black & White: Bushido Review

Review Black & White Bushido | Light and darkness. Day and night. Choose your side in this battle while two rival ninja clans clash on your television screen for supremacy! A multiplayer arena fighting game like you’ve never seen before. Ready your swords and sharpen your instincts while you read our review for this unique fighting game from London studio Good Catch. Continue reading Black & White: Bushido Review

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII Review

Review Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII | For the first time the Romance of the Three Kingdoms (RTK13) comes to the Xbox console with number thirteen in the series. The game is based on the romanticized historical novels set in Chinese history from the end of the Han Dynasty to the Three Kingdoms period. But how does it play? Let’s find out. Continue reading Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII Review