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Hands-on: Irony Curtain From matryoshka with love

Welcomed by the lovely fellows from Artifex Mundi at their Gamescom booth, I got to play Irony Curtain, a game that will be available early 2019 and quite the different experience than other games from the Polish developer and publisher.  One of the favorites from Dae Jim by the way for releasing many fun hidden word games on Xbox!  Continue reading Hands-on: Irony Curtain From matryoshka with love

Hands-on Mutant Year Zero

One of the first games we tested at Gamescom was Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, welcomed by Tascha who joined Funcom in April (nice tattoos by the way!). We missed the introduction, traffic was hell around Koelnmesse but sat down and immediately started playing. My friend and I agreed on one thing rather fast though, this game has potential to be something really great!  Continue reading Hands-on Mutant Year Zero

Hands-on compare with PES 19 and Fifa 19 at Gamescom


Me and my friend from Xbox Gamers Belgium had the opportunity to get a hands-on with both Pro Evolution Soccer 19 and Fifa 19, we had a slightly better introduction for PES, being greeted by a developer that explained the new features and basics. While for Fifa we just kinda got dropped into a few games without any introduction.  Continue reading Hands-on compare with PES 19 and Fifa 19 at Gamescom

Hands-on Battlefield V at Gamescom

EA’s business and press hall was memorable, no effort (& money) was spared in dressing up the room and to take good care of all the people present. As with all of our coverage we kinda got in last-minute, so we couldn’t test everything. We did spend a very big chunk of time on Battlefield V and Fifa 19, but sadly didn’t play Anthem. Here is our positive impression from our hands-on with Battlefield V!  Continue reading Hands-on Battlefield V at Gamescom

THQ Nordic presentation (Gamescom)

THQ Nordic is on a roll lately, I’m really looking forward to see what they will do with Timesplitters, they just bought the IP again. My guess is that developer Dambuster will make a new one or remaster the older games. (We can hope right?) Anyway, I got myself invited for the THQ trailer presentation. Here is what LifeisXbox saw, I was too late with getting a hands-on with something (pretty disappointing) but what I saw was really decent. THQ is back and the gaming industry should be very glad about that!  Continue reading THQ Nordic presentation (Gamescom)

Hands-on Bee Simulator

We had a small 30 min window of free time between some appointments and while walking around I saw a small booth from Varsav studio with Bee Simulator. We previously posted the game announcement on Twitter and many of my followers were intrigued and responded with some bee puns. For example, “I get what the buzz is about”. So I was actually pretty excited that I could play it and give a quick preview from Bee Simulator.

Continue reading Hands-on Bee Simulator

Playerunknown’s Battleground Preview – Still waiting for my chicken

I like tactical shooters, I like to outsmart other players. And oh my… I like PUBG. It has been since Socom on Playstation that I had so much fun in an online game, it is truly a brilliant concept that is currently plagued by some performance issues, it is a Xbox Preview game after all, but the gameplay … the gameplay is a pure rush of adrenaline, funny moments and pure skill. Let us dive deeper into this console exclusive game for Xbox One.  Continue reading Playerunknown’s Battleground Preview – Still waiting for my chicken

Brawlout Preview  | Being available on Steam since April 2017, to see Brawlout in Microsoft ID@Xbox E3 presentation was a fun surprise for me. Developed by the Romanian indie studio Angry Mob Games, known for mobile games like Toysburg, AVP: Evolution, Predators, Guerrilla Bob and Muffin knight (this last one  is also available on Steam), Brawlout is a platform fighter scheduled to be released in Q3 2017.
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