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FACTS Spring Edition 2018


With more than 31.000 visitors and lots of impressive cosplayers one of Belgium’s biggest conventions was a success. While the gaming section could have been better it was nice to see Nintendo or Ubisoft, the complete lack of Playstation and ofcourse Xbox is weird though. Anyway, FACTS is a lot more so me (Dae Jim) and Xbox Gamers Belgium admin Thierry (Cr8sh Be) had great fun with the cosplay red carpet show, buying rare merchandise and conquering The Beast (the biggest inflatable obstacle course in the world) 

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Community speaks about Life is Strange

Videogames can be more than just playing for fun, it can be an eye-opener for situations and emotions. Life is Strange might be the best example for that. Don’t believe my word for it though, here are X gamers that wanted to say something about this awesome game. Continue reading Community speaks about Life is Strange

Wolfenstein 2 release party @ Comic Sans

Somewhere in a little place called Comic Sans was the Belgian release party for Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. This fantastic geek-bar in Ghent aims to do more parties like this and I can only hope that they succeed. Read on to see images from the Wolfenstein mural, gifted by Bethesda and made by Matthew Dawn and interviews with gamers! 

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Best indie games at Brasil Game Show 2017 (Part 1)

My favorite part of every BGS I attend. I’ve already declared a dozen times how much I love indie games, be it for their creativity, their courage of many small devs who leave their jobs to follow their dreams, or for the many possibilities big developers don’t explore but they do. Maybe it’s for the sum of all these aspects. Continue reading Best indie games at Brasil Game Show 2017 (Part 1)