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FeeSoeed review


The Creators Collection is an initiative from MS that offers games produced and distributed by developers through Xbox Live Creators Program. You can find many interesting titles from small studios from all around the world. Today we take a look at FeeSoeeD, a 2D platformer from the Russian studio BUG Studio. BUG has a long list of games already published for PCs and Mobile (with some titles also available for Xbox One through the program) and now brings one more to our beloved console.  Continue reading FeeSoeed review

Nightmares from the Deep 3: Davy Jones review

Nightmares from the Deep 3: Davy Jones

Nightmares from the Deep 3: Davy Jones is the newest adventure of Artifex Mundi, a Polish studio that has been a long supporter for Xbox with numerous point and click/hidden objects games. In the third chapter of the Nightmares from the Deep series, you play as Sara Black, a museum curator that has a long story with ghosts, monsters and mysteries of the seven seas, in search of her daughter Cory, who has been kidnapped by the legendary pirate Davy Jones. Why Davy Jones kidnapped Cory? Will Sarah be able to rescue her? Let us find more about the game in this review. Continue reading Nightmares from the Deep 3: Davy Jones review



 The brothers Matt and Mike Hergaarden from M2H Game Studio, a Dutch studio known for many PC and mobile games, and on Xbox for their WW1 shooter Verdun, brings for Xbox One Marooners, a colorful and fun multiplayer game the takes inspiration from the best titles of the genre, seasoning it with an anarchic touch for some real mess! Bring your friends, be them online or local, to one of the most chaotic multiplayer experiences I’ve ever played. Continue reading Marooners

Beholder Complete Edition


 In a world where an authoritarian State controls all aspects of the life of its citizens with iron fist, you play as the never-sleeping Carl, a State-installed manager of an apartment building with one task: to keep its occupants under constant surveillance, reporting any suspicious activities to your superiors. To achieve it, you will bug their apartments, search their belongings for anything that can, somehow, threaten the stability of the government and profile every individual, reporting to the authorities any strange behaviors. But how far will you go to protect the State when your family is at stake, in a world where right or wrong is just a matter of perspective? Continue reading Beholder Complete Edition

Dungeons 3


 All hail the Absolute Evil! German studio Realmforge brings to Xbox One Dungeons 3, the third installment on strategy/simulation PC series. In this game, you take the role of the Dungeon Lord, who, after conquering the lands in Dungeon 2 and establishing his dark empire, launches an offensive to dominate a new continent. Controlling his first lieutenant, the dark elf Thalya, you’ll build your dungeons, gather your forces, emerge from the dark depths and guide your army to dominate the overworld. But it isn’t going to be a simple task: many heroes will be ready to stop you and destroy your Dungeonheart! Brace yourselves, heroes of the light! After reading this review, our Evil Lord will be ready to crush you all! Shall we, my lord? Continue reading Dungeons 3

Dustoff Heli Rescue 2


Invictus Games, a Hungarian studio with more than 50 games for PC, mobile and VR, brings to Xbox One Dustoff Heli Rescue 2, a friendly and challenging blocky style action game. In this game, by controlling different helicopters, you’ll fight the enemies from the Redfor, escort convoys, protect bases, transport supplies and vehicles and rescue hostages in many different battlefields. Choose the right helicopter for each one of the 35 missions and prepare to takeoff, pilot. The Blufor needs you! Continue reading Dustoff Heli Rescue 2

Ultimate Chicken Horse


 When I think about building my own levels in a game, or user-generated content games, few names come to my head: RC Revenge, Mario Maker, Little Big Planet, Project Spark and Infinite Minigolf are the only ones I can remember. And now, the Canadian studio Clever Endeavour Games adds to this distinguished list Ultimate Chicken Horse, a party platformer game where you build your own levels, be it to finish the levels or just to mess up with your friends! Prepare to adventure through thousands of crazy levels all built by the community. But first, let’s check everything the game has to offer in this review. Continue reading Ultimate Chicken Horse


Swedish studio Crackshell brings Hammerwatch for Xbox One, a hack and slash action and adventure game that’s been shining on PC since 2013. Now published by BlitWorks, the game comes with two campaigns and much more in the package. Colorful and very challenging, every gamer who enjoys a good and old Gauntlet-style game should try this little jewel. Now get your group of adventures together and let’s explore the many dungeons of this world filled of treasures and enemies waiting for us! But first, behold our review, noble warrior! Continue reading Hammerwatch

Boiling Bolt review

Developed by Persistant Studios and published by Playdius, Boiling Bolt is a frantic twin-stick shooter where you play as June, a young rebel fighting to defend her island in a world shattered by war. Take control of your well-armed ship and prepare to repel enemy forces while filling up your combo meter to get the top scores. Challenging stages and tough bosses are waiting for you! Continue reading Boiling Bolt review

Oh My Godheads Review

Developed by the Spanish studio Titutitech and published by Square Enix through Square Enix Collective program, Oh My Godheads is an arena multiplayer game where up to 4 players compete in frantic mini games that involve capturing a giant head or eliminating your enemies. Grab your swords, axes, staffs or magic sticks, prepare your pie bombs and follow us into this review. Continue reading Oh My Godheads Review