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Birdcakes review


Can you remember a game that had a concept so awkward, so absurd and you couldn’t get your hands from it?  Developed by indie studio Green Lava, Birdcakes is a twin-stick shooter where you control Pancake, a weapon of mass destruction in the form of a cupcake with wings (a Birdcake), that will shoot disgusting and hungry flies in order to save his beloved Cherry. Pour some sugar on your controller and prepare your candy bullets to defeat waves of enemies in this addictive game! Let’s take a closer look and see everything this little jewel has to offer!

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Super Hyperactive Ninja Review

Super Hyperactive Ninja

Developed by Spanish studio Grimorio of Games and published by JanduSoft, Super Hyperactive Ninja is true challenging fast paced 2D platformer. Playing as one of the last Coffe-nin, you fight your way through hordes of enemies to recover the legendary coffee, stolen by the evil shogun. Use the power of caffeine to go hyperactive and overcome all challenges before falling asleep. Master the use of coffee in more than 50 levels stuffed with adventure and dangers in this indie game. Now grab a cup of coffee and follow un in this review. Continue reading Super Hyperactive Ninja Review

Shift Quantum Review

Shift Quantum

Developed by Belgium studio Fishing Cactus and published by Red Panda Interactive, Shift Quantum is a puzzle platformer that will challenge your perception. Shift your world and change your perspective to overcome the game’s challenges and find your way to happiness in Axon Vertigo’s program. But is a computer program enough to bring some joy to your character? Or is there something missing in his life that made him look for Vertigo’s? Let’s find out while exploring this interesting game. But first, take a look at our review for it. Continue reading Shift Quantum Review

Riddled Corpses EX Review

Riddled Corpses EX

First published on PCs by Spanish studio Diabolical Mind, COWCAT games brings for Xbox One Riddled Corpses EX, a remaster of this fast-paced twin stick shooter in fluid 60 FPS in which you will fight hordes of enemies and giant bosses while aiming for the top of the leaderboard. A game that exhales nostalgia with its 8 bits/16 bits graphic style and offers a gameplay that’s challenging, addictive and is always asking for one more run. If possible, bring a friend with you, take as much ammo as you can and follow us into this review for Apocalypse on earth! Continue reading Riddled Corpses EX Review

Aragami: Shadow Edition review

Aragami: Shadow Edition

After being very well received for PS4 and PCs, Aragami comes to Xbox One in its improved Shadow Edition version. Developed and published by Spanish studio Lince Works, Aragami: Shadow Edition is a 3rd person stealth game set in a feudal Japan-like world, you play as Aragami, a vengeful spirit summoned by a girl who’s imprisoned by the light army. With your powers over shadows, fight your way to the city fortress of Kyuryu while you uncover more about your past and understand your role into this battle between light and shadow. Prepare yourself and follow us into this gloomy review. Continue reading Aragami: Shadow Edition review

Die for Valhalla Review

Die for Valhalla

Poland independent studio Monster Couch brings its first project to Xbox One: Die for Valhalla is a beat’em up with RPG elements where you play as a Valkyrie, deities from the Norse mythology who are responsible for helping the bravest warriors reach the glory. To do so in the game, you must possess different classes of warriors (as well as enemies, brushes and objects, creating interesting situations during gameplay) and lead your Vikings to the ultimate magnificence! The battle waits for you, noble warrior! Pick up your axe, sword or bow and follow us into this review! For the Glory! For Valhalla!! Continue reading Die for Valhalla Review

InkSplosion Review


Developed by Petite Games and published by Ratalaika Games, InkSplosion is fast paced twin-stick shooter that pushes back the old days of playing for the highest score. It is really simple: in a single screen, you must destroy countless enemies using different weapons, wave after wave, while a blast of colors covers your screen and you try your best to avoid being shot down. And, believe me or not, you will complete the game before you notice it. Now let’s take a closer look in this review. Continue reading InkSplosion Review

Subaeria review


Developed and Published by Canadian indie studio iLLOGIKA, Subaeria is a challenging action game with roguelike elements. Controlling Styx, a young girl who had her family ‘cleansed’, a more lenient way to say executed, after she committed a crime and now seeks for revenge, you and your drone will venture through random generated levels of the underwater city of Subaeria while fighting security enforcers to reach the ruler and execute your vengeance. Now it’s time to fight back! Get your drone ready and let’s dive into this review to check everything the game has to offer. Continue reading Subaeria review

Impact Winter review

Impact Winter

 In 30 days, help is coming… but  surviving the days will be no easy task! Developed by UK independent studio Mojo Bones and published by Bandai Namco Entertainments, Impact Winter is a blend of survival and adventure game where you play as Jacob, the leader of a group of survivors struggling to stay alive in a frozen world after an asteroid hit the planet. You’ll need to feed your group, protect and keep them warm, explore the world after resources, water and food while avoiding natural hazards, scavenger and inner conflicts. Now prepare your best winter coat and follow us into this cold review: There’s a huge blizzard ahead! Continue reading Impact Winter review

The Adventure Pals

The Adventure Pals

Developed by UK studio Massive Monster and published by Armor Games Studios, The Adventure Pals is a magical adventure about friendship and courage. Playing as a young boy named Wilton, you’ll explore the world in search for his father, who has been kidnapped by the evil Mr. B. Accompanied by his cute giraffe Sparkles and his little friend Mr. Rock, Wilton will face many challenges and help countless NPC’s in need in a colorful but perilous world inspired by classic platformers and cartoons. Now grab your wooden sword, ride your giraffe and follow us in this review! Continue reading The Adventure Pals