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Hands-on: Irony Curtain From matryoshka with love

Welcomed by the lovely fellows from Artifex Mundi at their Gamescom booth, I got to play Irony Curtain, a game that will be available early 2019 and quite the different experience than other games from the Polish developer and publisher.  One of the favorites from Dae Jim by the way for releasing many fun hidden word games on Xbox!  Continue reading Hands-on: Irony Curtain From matryoshka with love

Monster Energy Supercross Review

Monster Energy Supercross

For the dirt bike lovers out there, Milestone S.r.l. brings us a game to engage in frantic races without the laundry headaches afterward. Monster Energy Supercross is the official video game of the 2017 Monster Energy Supercross Championship. Should you start your engine or just leave your bike parked? Let’s find out. Continue reading Monster Energy Supercross Review

Railway Empire review

Railway Empire

Trains, for more than a few people these machines are more than just a pure transport vehicle. Train set collectors and builders, trainspotters and people who used to play Railroad Tycoon all know what I’m talking about. Now, with Railway Empire by Kalypso, there is one more option to enjoy trains. All aboard! The review express is about to embark on its journey. Continue reading Railway Empire review

Dragon Ball FighterZ review


The fighting game scene has been a bit of a niche market for quite some time compared to the most popular genres out there. However, starting last year with the success of Injustice and Tekken we see more and more people jump into or back into fighting games. If any game can further increase this resurgence, it will be DRAGON BALL FighterZ. Continue reading Dragon Ball FighterZ review

Overdriven Reloaded review


With more and more Indie games on our beloved console, we also get treated to an expanding library of retro game options. Overdriven is one such option in the shoot ‘em up genre. The premise is simple, fly straight up and avoid the uncountable shots coming at you all the while shooting the enemy in return. Step into the cockpit and prepare for a launch as we boost into the galactic bullet hell. Continue reading Overdriven Reloaded review

Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor

In a market segment that is not overly crowded, it is still very much appreciated to see developers take on a unique or refreshing approach. “Hello Neighbor” is a self-proclaimed stealth horror game with procedural AI. Believe it or not, looking at the graphics it looks like something you can play with kids. Screenshots are one thing though, let’s take a peek at how this actually plays. Continue reading Hello Neighbor

Assassin’s Creed Origins Review

Assassin’s Creed Origins

Over the last couple of years, the Assassin’s Creed series seems to have been on the decline. Serious bugs upon release made for negative press and accompanying memes. That is not to say they were all bad games, but Ubisoft likely had more than enough reasons to try and turn things around. Is the new Origins game just more of the same, or could this title be as hot as the Egyptian sand at high noon? Saddle up and join us for the ride as we find out.
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Iron Wings review

Iron Wings

There are not enough WWII fighter games on Xbox One if you ask me and Naps Team now brings us a title for those craving to try their hand at dogfights set in that era. Not only that, but the game also features an African-American Tuskegee pilot and a female WASP pilot. Two groups that have barely been represented in any media. I for one couldn’t wait to launch the game and take to the skies. Continue reading Iron Wings review

The Lego Ninjago Movie Video Game review

The Lego Ninjago Movie Video Game

The release of the Lego Ninjago movie coincides with a new Traveller’s Tales game based on that same movie. The Lego games are a well-known entity and should probably have their own game category by now. We channel our Spinjitsu and meditate on what this new Lego game brings us.
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WRC 7 review


This year is shaping up to be a good one for racing fans on the Xbox One. With WRC 7, the official game of the World Rally Championship, we get another rally focused titled. The last two titles in the series had mixed receptions, will WRC 7 take away some of the concerns? Buckle up and start your engines as we are set to find out. 
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