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Today my green heart bleeds red.

Today is a sad day for Xbox fans, some of you might not know who I am talking about but today Xbox Addictt  (Matt) passed away, nobody saw it coming and he was one of the biggest Xbox influencers on the internet. 

All people from LifeisXbox are deeply shocked and I would personally like to express my deepest condolences to family members, friends and followers.

His passion and dedication towards Xbox and gaming was truly remarkable. 

Extinction Review


Iron Galaxy isn’t a stranger for Xbox gamers, the developer behind Killer Instinct did fantastic work with the franchise that Amazon owned studio Double Helix rebooted for Xbox One. Extinction is something else though, this Attack on Titan inspired game was something I had high hopes for, and now when it released to the public it disappointed me even more than Rare’s Sea of Thieves. Read why in this review!  Continue reading Extinction Review

Alteric Review

Released for PCs in 2016 by Russian studio Goonswarm and now ported to Xbox One by Sometimes You, Alteric is a single-player 2D platformer with a very sad premise: You died. Now your soul is trapped in the alien space between two worlds. Creepy, isn’t it? Prepare to face 30 levels of spikes, lasers, traps and many, MANY respawns as you guide your character, a squared piece of energy through three chapters. Let’s now embark on this journey and see everything the game has to offer in this review, for yet another Sometimes You game. (they are on a roll)  Continue reading Alteric Review

FACTS Spring Edition 2018


With more than 31.000 visitors and lots of impressive cosplayers one of Belgium’s biggest conventions was a success. While the gaming section could have been better it was nice to see Nintendo or Ubisoft, the complete lack of Playstation and ofcourse Xbox is weird though. Anyway, FACTS is a lot more so me (Dae Jim) and Xbox Gamers Belgium admin Thierry (Cr8sh Be) had great fun with the cosplay red carpet show, buying rare merchandise and conquering The Beast (the biggest inflatable obstacle course in the world) 

Continue reading FACTS Spring Edition 2018

Tesla vs Lovecraft Review

Tesla vs Lovecraft

Finnish developer 10tons isn’t a stranger for our Xbox platform, Tesla vs Lovecraft is the thirteenth game that they have released on Xbox One. With a few really fun games like Sparkle, Spellspire, Crimsonland and JYDGE. As we all know 13 is an unlucky number, so how is the newest game from these talented guys? Teleport with me to our review and find out!  Continue reading Tesla vs Lovecraft Review

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Review

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

Sword Art Online (SAO in short) isn’t your typical RPG game, I was excited to start it for several reasons. We don’t have many games like this on Xbox, I love playing RPG games and the concept behind the video game really speaks to me. So let’s not dwell on it and see if SAO is something worth buying!  Continue reading Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Review

Attack on Titan 2 review

Attack on Titan 2

Creepy apartment high human-like giants are eating humans for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Humanity is facing total extinction and a few huge walls are the only thing from keeping them at bay.  Attack on Titan is a popular anime series so likely I won’t have to explain you the story but it is a very interesting concept for story and of course gameplay! So how is the gameplay for this giant slayer game? Read all about it in this review!  Continue reading Attack on Titan 2 review

de Blob 2 Review

de Blob 2

THQ Nordic’s family friendly game de Blob 2 makes a return for Xbox One. A lot was expected from de Blob in 2010, even invading Syfy with TV media. These plans never really came to fruition though, slow but surely de Blob is making a return for gamers. Hopefully a new full-fledged sequel is coming in the near future because games like this are always welcome on Xbox. So, how about this de Blob 2? Read the review to find out more about it.  Continue reading de Blob 2 Review

The Council: Episode 1 The Mad Ones Review

The Council: The Mad Ones

Frankly I love The Council’s genre, having a narrative adventure like Life is Strange or the Telltale games always spark an interest for me. I was glad to know that the new developer Big Bad Wolf was jumping the episodic way, backed by Publisher Focus Home. So you can be sure that we don’t have another Blues and Bullets case (episodes 3-5 never released) My intrigue for the game wasn’t misplaced, as you will find out in this review!  Continue reading The Council: Episode 1 The Mad Ones Review

Super Lucky’s Tale: Gilly Island DLC Review

Super Lucky’s Tale: Gilly Island

What a lovely and unexpected surprise, Super Lucky’s Tale received new DLC. This colorful platforming game was a personal highlight for me last year so I was really happy with this news about new content. Excited as I was I jumped into the foxhole to bring you our review for Gilly Island!  Continue reading Super Lucky’s Tale: Gilly Island DLC Review