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Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 review

PES 18

September is the traditional football game month with the releases from Fifa and Pro Evolution Soccer. You can compare it with a match between Man City or Man U, Barcelona against Real. Both have a pretty vocal fan base, one thing is for sure, each year both Fifa and PES make excellent improvements. Let’s take a deeper look into PES 18 in this review!

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Feral Fury review

Feral Fury

A rogue-like twin stick shooter with a character that eats bamboo for breakfast, lunch and supper. Yeah, you don’t get to play with a panda every day so that’s pretty nice to begin with. Developer Skandivania Games made a pretty nice and cheap Xbox game that has a nice balance between replay value and microwaving your controller in rage, read more about it in this review. Continue reading Feral Fury review

Killing Floor 2 Review

 Killing Floor 2

I have to admit, I have been waiting a long time for this game on Xbox. I know quite a few gamers that have spent 500+ hours on this game. It combines everything that seems to be popular right now and developer Tripwire mixes it together in a brilliant way.  The simple but extremely effective gameplay will be loved by many, more on that in this review.  Continue reading Killing Floor 2 Review

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Review (in progress)

 Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Developer Deck Nine has the honour to work with one of my favorite new IP’s from this generation, Life is Strange.  I was excited to start playing it and now that I finished the first episode I can’t hella wait to see what’s next for Chloe and Rachel! 

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The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor Review

The Metronomicon

I love rhythm games and I love roleplaying games, developer Akupara made something that combines them both. What a great idea, right? We have been treated with many rhythm games lately, Thumper, Aaero and Stereo Aereo for example but Metronomicon really stands out. Read why in this good sounding review! 

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