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Review Iron Crypticle

 Iron Crypticle 

Developed by Confused Pelican Games and published by Tikipod Ltd (who delivered us the great Aqua Kitty UDX earlier this year), Iron Crypticle is an arcade twin-stick shooter, explore dark and dangerous dungeons to rescue the kidnapped princess and recover the treasures of the kingdom. What did we think about it? Check it out on our review.

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Review for Cars 3: Driven to Win

 Review Cars 3: Driven to Win

I don’t have to say that Pixar brings some excellent movies, right? Sadly enough, the same can’t be said about games based on movies. They normally aren’t worth your time and especially money. Not with Cars 3: Driven to Win though, the game is surprisingly good, not on par with the movies but fun to play nonetheless! Check out why in this review!

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Review for AereA

⇒ Review: AereA ⇐

A lot of people say that music guide them in life, I completely agree with that. The same can be said about AereA, music totally shapes and gives life to this game project. The musical apotheosis halters quickly by the disappointing game design. Let’s read more about that in this AereA review! 

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⇒ Review: Valkyria Revolution ⇐

Woohoo, my first thought when a Japanese game comes for Xbox! A known franchise as Valkyria is always welcome and I’m sure many of you have been waiting a long time for this. You can imagine how painful it is when you actually start playing and you begin to notice that the game isn’t like you expected… read more in this Valkyria Revolution review!

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