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Little Nightmares Review

Review Little Nightmares | LifeisXbox was invited for the Little Nightmares launch party, so we got an inside look from a development person and afterwards we could play the game, in the dark with sound pretty loud at home. The way it’s meant to be played! So, what do I think about this new fascinating creepy game? Let’s find out in this review!  Continue reading Little Nightmares Review

Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

Review Mass Effect: Andromeda | The Mass Effect trilogy on Xbox 360 left me with a bitter and fantastic feeling. The characters, exploring worlds and fighting enemies with biotic was such a great experience. The bitter taste comes from how disappointing the ending was for Commander Shepard in Mass Effect 3. Let’s take a look in this review what long time fan Dae Jim thought about Andromeda, is it a good fresh start? Or is the new adventure cutting short?  Continue reading Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

Air Guitar Warrior for Kinect review

Review Air Guitar Warrior for Kinect | I’m repeating myself with every review for a Kinect game, but thumbs up for developer Virtual Air Guitar for keeping the Kinect alive and breathing. If it wasn’t for them, Kinect gamers wouldn’t have had anything to look forward too. The Sixth game from the Finnish developer for Xbox One is Air Guitar Warrior for Kinect. Let’s find out if rocking it out in this game is worth it. Continue reading Air Guitar Warrior for Kinect review

(Dutch) Games in De Krook!?

Exceptions can be made and this article if one of them. We normally write English but for this local event it made more sense to write it in Dutch.

Dinsdag 28/03/2017, heel wat dagen na de opening van de nieuwe Bibliotheek van Gent is er Kraks@DeKrook: Games in De Krook!? Een lezing van UGent over belang van spelen en videogames als cultuurvorm. Met een klein trots gevoel ging ik die avond terug naar mijn werkplaats, ik geef tenslotte digitale begeleiding in de Krook, het was een interessante avond die heel wat lichtpuntjes en potentieel aangaf. Lees er meer over in dit, uitzonderlijke Nederlands geschreven artikel!
Continue reading (Dutch) Games in De Krook!?