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What is LifeisXbox? 

is an Xbox only website that tries to review every Xbox One game on release day. Especially smaller titles that don’t get much press coverage.

Currently we have an average of 500-700 unique viewers for every indie-game review, triple A games get a lot more views, 4-6k. Some games do better, depending on the timing, other press coverage and general interest from the Xbox community. (Numbers are from October 2016)

LifeisXbox isn’t the most visited Xbox website on the internet but we post game reviews on time with an honest opinion and we have a decent enough community!

But wait, don’t you post daily news on your website?

No, and that’s a choice. Don’t you get less traffic that way? For you PR or publisher that is reading this, yes and no. We do post daily news, quite a lot too actually, but only on social media. We get a lot of traffic from Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon and more and visitors that visit LifeisXbox.eu can easily find the latest posted reviews.


Dae Jim | Jim is the founder and Editor-in-Chief for Life is Xbox, he also works on other Xbox-projects. Born in the small Belgium and a gamer from the moment he started breathing.  He’s very active on Xbox Live and Twitter so feel free to add him!
Gamertag on Xbox: Dae Jim
Twitter: @Life_is_xbox


Patrick | Patrick is an editor for Life is Xbox. He is an avid gamer from the Netherlands that plays with gamers all over the world. He loves Twitch for both streaming and watching.
Gamertag on Xbox: mogTatchi
Twitter: @mogTatchi

Rafael | Rafael is the Brazilian arm of Life is Xbox, playing both on Xbox One and Xbox 360. He wishes one day to have time to play all the games he’s got on his increasing collection. You can talk to him on Twitter or Xbox Live.
Gamertag on Xbox: RAF687
Twitter: @raf687


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