About Us



LifeisXbox.eu started in February 2015, as a side-project. In the beginning days writing in English was something I would occasionally do while writing in Dutch, because LifeisXbox became more and more popular I ended up focussing all my attention towards writing in English. With a strong foundation in the Belgian Xbox community (4000 members strong in our Dutch Facebook community) and the even stronger worldwide audience LifeisXbox became a place where gamers can find honest reviews for almost every Xbox game, indie games or AAA. 

Our Team

Dae Jim: Owner and editor-in-Chief from LifeisXbox has been a long time veteran in the Belgian gaming industry. A gamer that loves to play every single genre and isn’t afraid to write a strong and honest opinion. He’s always open for a gaming chat so don’t be shy to approach him on our Twitter account