About Us

LifeisXbox.eu started in February 2015, as a side-project. In the beginning days writing in English was something I would occasionally do while writing in Dutch, because LifeisXbox became more and more popular I ended up focussing all my attention towards writing in English. With a strong foundation in the Belgian Xbox community (4000 members strong in our Dutch Facebook community) and the even stronger worldwide audience LifeisXbox became a place where gamers can find honest reviews for almost every Xbox game, indie games or AAA. 

Contact us: DaeJimATLifeisxbox.eu

Our Team


Dae Jim:  Sitting in his website boss chair is owner and editor-in-Chief from LifeisXbox, he has been a long time veteran in the Belgian gaming industry, writing for several known Belgian and Dutch sites. A gamer that loves to play every single genre and isn’t afraid to write a strong and honest opinion. He’s always open for a gaming chat so don’t be shy to approach him on our Twitter account. Loves Netflix, mostly Scifi series, cooking, and sport too. My main motivation is to make sure that our readers buy games that are worth the time and money.

March 2017

Rafael: Gaming since Atari 2600 and writing for Life is Xbox since 2017, Rafael Faria is the Brazilian arm of the team. But he isn’t the usual Brazilian: he likes volleyball instead of soccer and Rock and Roll is his rhythm instead of samba. Just don’t judge him by his serious face: he’s always ready for a good laugh! Big fan of good and old couch co-op games, RPGs, shooters and racing are some of his favorite genres, though he loves to play whatever he can. He doesn’t hide his passion for indie titles, wishing someday to turn his own secret project into a playing thing. You can get in touch with him by Twitter or Facebook. He’ll be always available to tell you why Mega Drive was the best console ever!

October 2018

Alexis: The name’s Alexis Adonis, the half-blood part of the team. Not new to writing articles. I started gaming back when the snes came out, with the glorious game of plok. Yes, that’s a thing! I eventually grew into pc gaming and a bit of the competitive scene. All that changed when my life got 2 extraordinary expansion packs that I call kid 1, and kid 2. I’m always up for a good debate or laugh, so feel free to contact me if you need a chat!

March 2019

Maui & Michael: Dae Jim had the crazy idea to start with PC reviews so he found sleepyhead Maui on Twitter and immediately made her the all powerful lady in charge for the PC reviews part of LifeisXbox. Maui isn’t only a skilful writer but also a person who can be trusted in leading our PC writers group. Michael, her beardy boyfriend also joined and writes PC reviews.

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