Short review: Driven Out

While another 2D scroll/platformer that has been made available for pc, the question remains: does it live up to the expectations as if you would play it on an Xbox. For those interested in the XBOX review, check out our site for more on that. That being said, who is ready for a short review on what it’s like to play this game on pc?

Well, I would start off by repeating my fair warning from the intro: this is and plays like a console game. The controls on mouse and keyboard are sadly enough horrible by default.
While this game does actually allow you to remap everything, you will still feel frustrated that left-clicking resizes the game, which can not be remapped. This might be a hurdle at the start, but you will get used to it. Yet I felt overwhelmed by the way you actually do not progress in this game at all. It took me a fair bit of getting used to carefully planning out my simple attacks, but once mastered, there was nothing else left to do. Throughout your adventure of slaughtering countless enemies, you keep hoping to actually learn a new skill besides the “slash enemy with a sword”-move, and block attacks. Once swarmed by enough enemies, you will quickly fall victim to a defeat screen, which will then put you and your adventurous mindset back to the start of the space you ended in, ready for you to try again. Which, in the end, becomes a painful chore. Just one simple act of learning one new skill would have made this game a must-play for young and old, veteran or complete newbie, yet now the only advice I could give you is to just enjoy the gameplay as much as you feel like, because if you do enjoy the genre of the game, it actually is an amazing way to pass a lot of time.


Even though I had a lot of negatives vibes playing this game in the beginning, I quickly realized what the game has been made for: Passing time in a tactical, but yet not too complicated 2d game. And to be fair, if you do look at the game like that, it actually would even score a higher rating, if and only if, you could level up your own gameplay with maybe just one simple new skill. After a good 2hours of time, the game does become quite boring.