Lonely Mountains: Downhill

The developers of Megagon Industries are giving us a chance to test their game Lonely Mountain: Downhill, a game from which the release date has yet to be announced and just came out of a closed beta. Especially for this opportunity I took my old bike out of the garage, went ahead and took a look at the Monte Del Sol (the mountain you will have to conquer). In this brand new game by Megagon Industries, it’s your goal to go down the mountain as fast as possible while remaining seated on your bike. So did I survive the adventure and had a lovely trip or was it crash-a-palooza? You are about to find out!

Cycling through the woods
  • Graphics: One of the first things you will notice when you launch the game for the first time is that everything is looking on point. The surroundings that you will find yourself in are extremely detailed, and it looks like the developers literally thought of everything. The simplistic cartoony style that they used to create everything really gives another dimension to the gameplay, and in my opinion, it makes the game a lot more fun to play.
  • Gameplay: One of the greatest things about Lonely Mountains: Downhill is the gameplay. Okay yeah, some of you might find it easy. You take a bike and follow the trails down the mountain and be the fastest while doing that. But it’s so much more than that. The shortcuts you can take, the obstacles you encounter. Everything about it is just wow! The developers of Megagon Industries really did the best they can and in my opinion, they really succeeded in that.
  • Leaderboards: As I have mentioned before the main goal of the game is to go down the mountain as fast as possible. Well, a great thing about that is that you can track your time in leaderboards. You can compete with people from all over the world. They even give you the option to see who was the best in a certain month or week. So if the gameplay wasn’t challenging enough already, they even added a competitive feeling to it by implementing the leaderboards.
  • Feels finished: As I have mentioned in the intro, the game just came out of a closed beta, which means the developers still need to make some small changes to it. But when I played it, to me the game gave me a finished feeling, making it seem like it is ready to launch somewhere in the next week. But unfortunately, the release date isn’t shown yet so y’all have to wait a little bit longer for it. But believe me, it is definitely worth it.
The leaderboards
  • Controls: A thing that left me behind with mixed feelings about Lonely Mountains: Downhill is the controls that are being used. They can be tricky and in my opinion, they could have been implemented a bit easier. But on the other hand, it’s a challenge to master them and as they are right now they add an extra difficulty level to the game which makes it more fun and like I mentioned before, more challenging.
  • No bad points?!: Wait, what? yes, you read that correctly. When I tested this game that isn’t even released yet I didn’t encounter one bad thing. I absolutely loved playing it and I’m sure you will too!

Score: 95%
It’s safe to say that Lonely Mountains: Downhill is one of the best games that I tested in a long time. I absolutely loved it! The game feels finished already, and it’s not even released yet! The developers of Megagon Industries really did a fantastic job on this game already and I’m really curious to see what the future of the game is going to be. When it’s released you better make sure you go check out this game because believe me: it’s worth it.

Developer: Megagon Industries Publisher: Thunderful Publishing
Played on: PC
Perfect for: Sport race game fans
Steam game store link: Click here