LifeisXbox played Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts

I don’t think the developers would mind if I call Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 a very disappointing experience, the reception wasn’t good but despite the harsh press reception the game did manage to sell over a million times. Luckily CI Games learned from it and brings out Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts, will it redeem the franchise? I’m not entirely sure as of yet, but we’ll find out when it launches on November 22, 2019.

We are welcomed at CI Games with a Polish beer and some talk about what’s new in Contracts, they are completely dropping the open world and changing the set up from missions. Meaning a more polished mission structure and fun stealth gameplay possibilities, something I seriously missed at the previous Sniper Ghost. Seeing the developer play was great for learning what was new and more importantly useful for our hands-on later. After finishing up our beer I started playing the game myself and had some mixed impressions.

Visually things look neat, as expected from the Crytek engine but what I didn’t like was how choppy the controls worked. You have a lot of options and especially mask abilities but from the limited time that I played I just couldn’t really figure out how to use everything. This will obviously improve when I play more of it but the climbing and moving around the beautiful environment just doesn’t feel completely right. While the developers said that you have many options to get the job done I honestly didn’t really see much different approach options. What I did like was the objectives that gave the levels more playing hours, for example collection a cellphone.

It had some cool moments especially when the game uses the slow-motion video assassinations, giving a Hollywood like camera angle. Although it looks rather silly when the bullet hits an ankle and the enemy drops dead instantly, but that’s just how the cookie crumbles in every game. You have an impressive collection of tools to deal with your foes, the new gas grenades, and lure bullets felt like a useful and fun to use option for using the stealthy gameplay. Or you could just Arnold Schwarzenegger the thing and shoot everyone with your machine gun or blow up everyone with explosions, it is your call. The developer and I suggest the stealth way though!