The Tower of Beatrice

Pretty sure they modeled that one from one of Jimmy’s pictures… Just added a mustache.
  • Meshing puzzles: Each puzzle that you’ll be finding the solution to, is a part of the overall progress of the level. Each one has a meaning and is required to complete the general goal of the current floor that you are on. Though they might look like a separate set of mini-games, it represents a complete set of interlocking mechanics. I quite liked this as you have the main goal that required the rest of the level to complete.
  • Looks good: Sure, you might say that it’s not a visual highflyer. But that’s just where the charm of the art style shines. You can see that this was a passion project and it plays just like one. Not every game out there needs to be 4K 120FPS near full realistic graphics. It has its own charisma that it oozes and is a perfect callback to the older games like Riven or Myst.
There’s a bear behind the tree next to the stump right above the house. I guess?
  • Very Short: Don’t expect it to be a lengthy game in any way, shape or form! Tower of Beatrice only consists out of a few levels and an ending. That’s it. The thing can be beaten in a few hours, depending on how easily you slide through the puzzles. And this is a shame, as I actually did enjoy the puzzles, even though the difficulty was… Questionable. The conversations are fun to read and the game doesn’t really look all too bad. It’s just… That frustratingly short experience that broke my will.
  • Difficulty: The game has no middle-ground when it comes down to the difficulty of the puzzles. Either they are way to easy, or they’re so obscure that it’s tough to crack them. Sure, you’ll eventually get them but there will be some thinking to be done before you see the solution. As most of them actually are visually based and just end up matching the correct item with the other one. Not bad, but I wished they were more streamlined.
  • Weird ending: I’m not going to spoil anything about the ending itself. I just have to say that the actual ending is just… Weird. It didn’t feel like it was part of the game. Though amusing to watch, I couldn’t help but feel kind of cringed out by it. You’ll have to see it to know what I mean. But I think you’ll agree that it just feels, awkward to say the least…!
Captain Obvious right here lads!
  • Controls: There was just one thing that annoyed me about the Tower of Beatrice, and that’s the controls. They just feel off for some reason. It continuously felt like I was battling between the selection of my inventory and the game itself. And I wasn’t even trying to push myself, it was just the swapping that felt awkward. I’m unsure what the thought process was behind these atrocious things, but they might want to reconsider them when creating their next game!


Score: 65%
Tower of Beatrice is in no way or form a bad puzzler. There’s been some thought put into it and overall the game does what it promises. I just was left behind with the yearning of more, as if it was cut a bit too short. But then again, you are just trying to get out of a tower. So maybe that’s a bit of the problem with the game? They set the premise in an already small surrounding. So, anyone out there who wants to play a nice and short puzzle game? Give Tower of Beatrice a try!

Developer: Fiary Forest   Publisher: Fairy Forest
Played on: Xbox One X Also available on: PS4 – Switch and PC
Alexis spent 4 hours trying to perform magic. I only farted. Oh well. Something happened!
Achievement difficulty for 1000 Gamerscore: 4 to 5 hours.
Perfect for: Puzzle enthusiasts!
Xbox Game Store link: Click here

Written by: Alexis

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