Our Gamescom content!

Starting August 20 the biggest game event starts again and LifeisXbox will bring you so much content that reading and seeing everything will be a tremendous task! We are really looking forward to improve our Gamescom content, after getting much positive feedback last year! So here is what you can expect!

  • Livestreams on our FB group (join us here)
  • Dutch livestreams on our Xbox Gamers Belgium FB group (join us here)
  • We will have several key livestream moments, for example after the Gamescom opening show, at the Xbox press party and much more!
  • Daily written content about games we played, this will be during the night when we get back to our hotel.
  • Throughout the day we will post video impressions about games that we played on our social media channels.

We will also post content about Devcom, that takes place before Gamescom on August 17-19 but that content will be Twitter based. (follow us here)