Boxing Champs

Have you ever dreamt of being the biggest boxing champ of the world but you aren’t strong enough and don’t really wanna train for it? Well, I have some good news for you! There is a new game by Raz Games called Boxing Champs. Do you have what it takes to get to the top of the World Rankings? Or do you simply wanna take on your friends and beat the life out of them? Well, then maybe this title is the game for you! Quickly start reading what this new title by Raz Games has to offer, and then maybe start punching!

Currently, 20th in my Career.
  • Punching around: Boxing Champs isn’t too hard to understand. You will find yourself in the boxing ring, and you just have to punch the life out of your enemy. Sounds easy right? At first, it may seem easy, but if you take on stronger enemies, things will get harder and harder and your winning streak may come to an end. However, it is still just punching around, trying to hit your opponent with a lovely combo and go for the Knock Out. At some points, it will even feel like you are just brainlessly hitting what’s in front of you. And this might not even sound that great but believe me, it is! It’s a delight to just simply go out there and slam your opponent in the face while not having to think about it.
  • Career: Another great thing about this game is the Career mode. It might not be the hardest or most original/difficult one, but it’s a job well done. Basically, you start at the bottom of the World Rankings, and you can challenge opponents that are just above or below you and you will literally have to fight yourself a way to the top. And where the lower opponents are easy to defeat, in the end, you will probably lose a few places and have to start climbing again. But that just keeps the game fun, doesn’t it?
  • Looks: When you launch the game, something that immediately grabs your attention, are the nicely done graphics. They aren’t the best and they aren’t the brightest, but they fit in perfectly with what the game is made for, simply punching people without thinking. Nothing over the top, nothing unnecessary. You only see what you need to see, and they even give a fun twist to it. What more can you wish for? I really love it!
  • Soundtrack: In addition to the lovely graphics, they even made a lovely soundtrack. It never changes though, but just like the graphics, it’s simple and not over the top and to be perfectly honest, the tune is even a bit catchy. With all the points mentioned above, we couldn’t wish for more.
  • Controls: The last good point that’s worth mentioning, is the controls. And you might think, hey you said it was just simply punching around, why are there more controls? Well, you have different types of punches, duh. But when you start your first match, you will get a quick tutorial on how to make every punch work. And in case you forgot, there is even a chart before every match explaining it again. This way Raz Games made sure you won’t go KO in your first match.
Fighting for victory!
  • Knock Outs: A thing that gave me mixed feelings, and I even had to search for it for a bit, is the Knock Out. Especially in the early games of the Career mode, you will get them so easily, it kinda takes away the fun. Well, of course, it feels great when you slam your opponent to the ground, but on the other side, it takes away the challenge a bit. Luckily, in the end, things will get harder and harder and you really have to work for your victory.
YES, I won!
  • Short: The only bad thing that I could think of while playing this game is that it is incredibly short, which really is a shame. Okay, yes, you can’t make the Career mode last forever. But it would have been nice if they added something to stretch it out a bit. The game is so much fun when you play it and I would love to see the developers make it longer with new updated patches in the future.

Score: 87%
Boxing Champs is a fun game and even more fun to play with friends. You can go crazy in the lovely Career mode which is fun and exciting and really makes you wanna reach for the top on the leaderboard. In addition to this, the developers of Raz Games added some neat graphics and a nice soundtrack. What else could we wish for? They are even claiming that they are looking forward to adding an Online Multiplayer mode, which brings even more fun to the game!

Developer: Raz Games Publisher: Raz Games
Played on: PC
Also available on: Nintendo Switch
Perfect for: Brainless punching around
Steam game store link: Click here