Bouncy Bullets

No… No… Tanks… Why are your bullets faster… No… Why can you shoot through that brick and I can’t? No… Nooo… NOOOO… I jumped up and realized that I was having a bad dream… Still sweaty I went to the kitchen and drew myself a cold glass of water and quickly grabbed my cellphone. Scrolled through my unread messages when one caught my eye. A new game? Hmm… Bouncy bullets… Sure I said, I’ll do it. So I downloaded it. But… Wait… What’s this?? Developed by… Petite games???? What… Flashbacks of Attack of the Toy Tanks came rushing back. My stomach started to churn. I… I must still be dreaming… I quickly pinched myself… But alas… This was real. And I was going to do this… So I grabbed my controller and prayed… For this, is Bouncy Bullets. A game that time trials you from point A to B while having you dispatch evil sticks. Yup… You read that right… So, let’s do this guys and girls! This is… My review for, Bouncy Bullets!

Pink sea… Again with the pink!
  • Very smooth: For this bright and fast-paced run and gun game, frame drops won’t be an issue. Sitting at a smooth and constant FPS rate, the game will run as smooth as butter. Heck, I think that even the floors are covered in the stuff… (more on this later). So I guess, that’s positive, right? All jokes aside. It’s nice to play a game that doesn’t stutter or lag!
  • A lot of levels… Again: Just like in Attack of the Toy Tanks, Petite Games delivers on the amount of content that you’ll be getting. With 60+ levels for you to run through, it’ll be worth a few hours of your time. Finished with the regular levels? Then switch on over to the special levels. Which are an exact copy-paste of the previous levels? But with more enemies on them, and slightly longer. So if this is your thing? Then rejoice! Bouncy Bullets provides!
Same clouds everywhere!
  • Easy 1000G: Yup, just like Attack of the Toy Tanks, Bouncy Bullets is a gamerscore’s delight. So if you are just looking for an easy 1000G? This might be your go-to game.
If I fall in, at least I’ll have some rings to float on!
  • Controls aren’t their thing: Just like in Attack of the Toy Tanks, Bouncy Bullets suffers from bad movement controls as well. First off the view angle is way to close to the ground, making maneuvering harder to do. Secondly, you always seem to be walking on ice. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to control your movement, there’s always that tilting “sliding” motion. Especially during and after the jumps. Oh right, talking about jumps. One of the elements is jump pads. Don’t think you’ve got great air control or anything. It’s a very slight movement twitch that you do, and then you’re dead in the air. WHY?! Is this purposely done or something? That’s 2 games already by Petite Games that they just mess up the controls. Ugh…
  • Cheating AI yet again…: I don’t know why the programmer for either Attack of the Toy Tanks and Bouncy Bullets thought that giving the A.I. an unfair advantage was a good idea. My best guess? Is to artificially lengthen the game! Since the overall length of each separate level can be traversed in under 20 seconds, it wouldn’t really surprise me that the thought process for this decision was to make it harder on the player, instead of on themselves. Lazy craftsmanship in my opinion… Just make the tracks more lengthy and worthwhile.
  • Annoying enemy types: There are a few enemy types (sticks) for you to combat. You’ve got your elongated sticks, which will cause you near to no trouble at all. Then there are the color shifters, which swap their respected bullet type for you to kill them. These are already up there on the annoying level. Because they always tend to change the moment you shoot at them. Then you’ve got the double health ones. That, when killed by one color, will shift to the other. So you get to shoot it again. And then? There are the blocks that can only be killed by bouncing the bullet from a surface. And wouldn’t you know? These are the ones that are the most annoying little sh*ts of this entire game. Why? Well, since you have to take aim to line up the shot? Chances are that the instant lock-on mode from their bullets already spotted you, and are firing at you even before you get the chance to take the shot!
  • Boring levels: For a platformer that incorporates twitch shooting and fast movement? The levels and level design are just boring and not fun to run through at all! For instance? Some of the obstacles can actually be run past… This is due to there being quite a bit of wiggle room on either side of the obstacle, making it possible for you to just dance around them. Other objects just don’t work properly! Like the propulsion pad. It would trigger, and bounce you up into the sky, but with barely enough momentum for you to get onto the next platform. Be off for even a tiny minuscule pixel? And off you go, back to where you came from. To awkwardly bounce into an unwanted abyss or angle! Killing you and sending you all the way back to the start of the level!
Score: 35%
Although it’s a bit better than their previous game, Attack of the Toy Tanks? A lot of their previous mistakes still remain. Though a bit more polish can be seen here, Petite games still has a long way to go. But let this be a good lesson for the studio. If you would be tempted into trying this one out, I’d recommend you get it when its on a sale.

Developer: Petite Games   Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Played on: Xbox One X Also available on: PS4 – Switch and PC
Alexis spent 2 and a half hours bouncing bullets around.
Achievement difficulty for 1000 Gamerscore: Everything can be unlocked within 2 hours.
Perfect for: Gamescore collectors.
Xbox Game Store link: Click here