Doodle God – Evolution

Ah, ‘t is a story as old as the ages have been. The story about creation and life as we know it. Countless books depict it. Adaptations have been done. It has even sprung to life dozens of religions and deities. Yet, the one thing that they all have in common? Is one big dude that was in charge of everything. God. And to be more precise here? Doodle God. Because how many doodle god games have we already seen in our history? That’s right. A lot. And sure they vary in quality, still, at its core element, it will always be a Doodle game. Loved or hated, think about it what you will, it’s a game that’s not getting removed from history… That’s for sure. Sometimes that’s a good thing. Other times? It’s a bad thing. So in comes Doodle God Evolution. What. The. Crap. Why? Ugh… Let’s get this over with guys… Grab your holy water, combine it with fire, and let’s steam right through this review! This is, Doodle God Evolution!

Bird bird its a bird
  • Bundle: Doodle God – Evolution bundles Doodle God & Doodle Farm in one. Together with their respective puzzles, quests, and artifacts. Making this quite a handsome bundle. First off there is the regular Doodle God split over 4 episodes, with an increasing number of elements that can be created each time that you reach a certain threshold and complete the episode. Sometimes annoying as certain episodes remove element groups and places some elements from these groups into other groups… Why? I do not know but okay. It is what it is. Then there’s doodle farm, which I will elaborate further on in the mixed feelings section. And then you’ve got every artifact, quest, and puzzle that ‘s related to these iterations. That’s still quite a jam-packed bundle for anyone who hasn’t played either of the 2!
A sheep and chicken create… Cow Dog Horse… Hmm…
  • Doodle Farm: Where Doodle God was still enjoyable to play as some of your creations tended to have an effect on the world you are creating elements for? Doodle Farm tends to feel like the boiled down version of Doodle God. And, don’t think that I hate the Doodle games, I have played quite a bit of them and have even reviewed Doodle God: Crime City here. Yet I cannot seem to find the courage to actually accept this one as a fully fledged Doodle game. Firstly, your creations are animals or elements that bring forth animals. Sure, it’s a Farm game, but… Where is my farm? Whenever you complete something or create, for instance, a farm animal? As that is literally how the game is called “Doodle Farm”. It just logs into your book. Where is my visual representation…? Was it really that hard to just, create a big old farm with pens and whatnot to display your created animals in? Talk about lazy design! Doodle Farm doesn’t feel at all like a “create your element” type of game! But rather like a random free-to-play game that you find on the internet. Damn shame… Damn shame!
A whole new woooorld… Yeah sorry!
  • Cash grab!!: I know these are harsh words, but Doodle God Evolution feels, at its best? A poor excuse for a cash-grab of a game. It’s been a while since a decent Doodle game came out… Crime City is the latest in their lineup. Though not being really innovating, it still shook the foundations of the game and provided us with an entirely new world to populate. But with Doodle Farm actually bringing us nothing and Doodle God having been brought out a couple of times now? No… This really feels like a seriously bad case of “We have nothing new… So lets bundle 2 games and re-release it…AGAIN”. That’s just lazy! If you actually own either of the 2? Do not!!! buy this. If this is how it’s going to be for them to just re-release their games in bundles? Nope. Not worth the price!
  • Nothing new…!!: And you’d think that, okay this is just a re-release. Maybe at least they’ll have added something new right… Right? Well sadly enough, nothing of the sort. These are the same games with absolutely nothing new added. No extra objects added to the world, no new song (and this is getting very boring, to hear the same old song over and over!). Not even a new puzzle! Why! At least put some friggin’ effort into it!!!
Score: 15%
Sure this may be a nice bundle for if you have never, ever EVER played doodle god. And if that’s the case and you really like puzzle games? Then sure, maybe think about a purchase. But, if you ever played Doodle God or, (god forbid) Doodle Farm? Then stay away from this cash-grab of a bundle. It is not worth the price in any means! These kind of bundles and releases are what is wrong with some developers. Only thinking about their wallets, and not about their players. Oh well, off to the next Doodle God game I guess? Because we all know they will be more… There always is…

Developer: Joybit   Publisher: Joybit
Played on: Xbox One X Also available on: Switch and PC
Alexis spent 4 hours creating elements out of thin air
Achievement difficulty for 1000 Gamerscore: 10 ish hours
Perfect for: Puzzle fans
Xbox Game Store link: Click here