The Incredible Adventures of Super Panda

Looking for a fun and relaxing game to pass the time? Developer Chaos Rift Entertainment, LCC and publisher Deverydoo got you covered with their game The Incredible Adventures of Super Panda. In this cute looking game, Super Panda is the last hope for Panda Land where decay is all around. Going on an epic quest to find the source of the rot, Super Panda is determined get answers. I’m not sure if this sounds like a cool or childish game, but seeing screenshots of this game definitely made me curious!

Just a cute Super Panda on his way to save his world
  • Fun gameplay: The gameplay is familiar and nothing special, but nevertheless fun. You walk around trying to progress through levels. Meanwhile, you collect coins and try to gather all three stars in a level. You defeat or surpass enemies by jumping on top of them or throwing bamboo sticks in their faces. Or you simply jump over an enemy and avoid him. There are checkpoints you can return to after dying IF you have enough coins to pay up. The gameplay is just simple and fun and manages to keep you hooked, level after level.
  • Cute graphics: First of all, there’s the panda of course, which is adorable. But there’s also the enemies (I can’t call them monsters because they are rather cute). Ranging from a flying eye to a purple blub and a green monster-like guy, there’s definitely a variety of encounters to be found. The scenes are also rather basic but look cute. I feel like this is a game that could be enjoyed by both children and adults, partly because of the art style that’s used here. Fun for the whole family, right!
  • Content: The Incredible Adventures of Super Panda has 45 levels, divided over three worlds. The gameplay gets more difficult along the way, and so do the enemies. You’ll encounter challenges like chainsaws trying to rip your cute little panda head off. Some challenge is added by introducing 47 competitive leader boards and 10 Steam Achievements.
  • You’re a panda!!: I’m a total panda lover, so I definitely wanted to try this game just because of the hero being a panda. I mean, you’re a cute little panda throwing around bamboo sticks, isn’t that adorable?
All the levels of world 1
  • Music: I’m not sure I’m a fan of the music? I mean, it does fit the game type but it feels as if its not really what it should be. I did discover that the game used to have a different soundtrack and other in-game sounds, and let me tell you: those were not even close to good. So I am happy the developers didn’t stick to their original concept concerning the music. However, I’m still not really feeling it.
Angry mushroom approaching!!
  • Mario Bros copy: It honestly just feels like a Mario Bros game but dressed as a panda adventure. Basically, everything is pretty much the same except for the visuals. There are the question mark boxes that give you coins, there’s the jumping on enemies’ heads to kill them and there are the levels with the wall coming after you. For a game that costs 15 Euros, I’d expect it to not feel like a rip off so much. I mean, sure you can get inspired by another game but the moment I started playing it, I felt like I was Mario dressed as a Panda or something. Okay, yes, there are little differences like the panda throwing bamboo and stuff, but I don’t feel like this game is distinguishing itself enough.

Score: 60%
Even though this is a fun and cute looking game, I can’t give it more than 60% because it doesn’t feel very original. I’d recommend it as a cheaper and more child suited version of Mario Bros because I’m not going to lie; I did enjoy playing as Super Panda. Are his adventures incredible, as the title suggests? Not so much, but they are fun and that’s what we’re going for!

Developer: Chaos Rift Entertainment, LCC  Publisher: Deverydoo
Played on: PC
Perfect for: Mario Bros fans
Steam game store link: click here