Tubetastic World Splashfest

We all love some good party games to enjoy during the rainy summer days, don’t we? The developers over at Super Goodwin were thinking the same! Tubetastic World Splashfest has been in Early Access on Steam since May and even though it hasn’t reached the big public yet, it sure as hell is getting on its way there. The developers themselves describe Tubetastic World Splashfest as “Tubetastic is best played competitively with friends while your feet are soaking in an ice-cold tub of water singing the hit tune Unda Da Sea”. Let’s dive into Tubetastic (get it?).

Trying not to bounce too much to get to the target
  • Game modes: The game offers different game modes or battle arenas and they’re all equally fun! There’s Balls of Fury (where retaining the most balls wins), King of the Pool (where the team with the most checkpoints wins), Battle Arena (where most kills wins) and Survival (where most times alive wins). Or if you don’t know which one to pick, just hit randomize and the game will decide for you. Every mode has its own character, making them all unique.
  • You can play with AIs: I know this is like ‘a given’, but it feels as if more and more games these days lack the opportunity to play against AIs. It’s not like I don’t get it, because it is a party game, but still, I do enjoy partying on my own as well so thank you bots. I could just enjoy the game playing against AIs because so far none of my friends have purchased this game and the online multiplayer mode wasn’t working for some reason (as you will see in the bad section below).
  • Characters/weapons: The characters you get to choose from are so different and vibrant! You can play with a fish in a bowl, a hipster dinosaur, an alien mom, a hot babe, an animal party including a dog, cat and bird and many more! All of these are drawn very coolly and it’s honestly enjoyable to look at. These characters come with suiting weapons as well. For example, the hot babe’s weapon is throwing phones and the hipster dinosaur’s secret weapon is cassettes. Each character has its own strengths and weaknesses, expressed in ‘strength’, ‘attack’, and ‘speed’. It’s up to the player to find out what character is best for what game mode.
  • Game rules: When picking a game mode, you have some extra options, which are the game rules. It’s up to you to choose which ones you activate and which ones you don’t. These game rules include making all players invisible, everything becomes more bouncy, players start with double health, the game looks underwater, a storm just rolled in and it’s hard to see, etc. Some off these are pretty cool, like the game looking underwater and making players invisible, while others are just basic like starting with double health. Then there are the ones that may just cause some extra frustration like extra bouncing.
  • Chaotic in a good way: When you enter the game, you’ll immediately notice that it’s pure and complete chaos. Everyone is shooting around, trying to navigate and bumping into each other. Meanwhile, things are exploding, creating that extra bit of chaos. If this game weren’t so fun, this could be very annoying but man, this game is totally chaotic in the best way!
  • Controller very much recommended: So you can play Tubetastic with a controller or by using your keyboard. I would highly recommend getting a controller for this, and for all your friends if you’re playing local multiplayer. I tried the game with both my controller and my keyboard and the difference was huge. While playing with my keyboard, I could barely move around in the right way and killing opponents was so difficult, even in easy mode. BUT then I took out my controller and things went so smooth. I finally started kicking some ass.
Ready for attack…
  • Multiplayer wasn’t working: I was hoping to play the online multiplayer but unfortunately, the server wouldn’t connect for some reason. Honestly, a big bummer but I’m sure the developers are working on this. In all honesty, the AI mode was so much fun already that it wasn’t that bad just playing that one. I am very excited to try out the online multiplayer mode in the future, however!

Score: 90%
For a game that is still in Early Access, this game already feels close to perfect. The gameplay is simple and highly enjoyable. The different game modes, characters, weapons, and game rules make for an amazing and chaotic game experience. I can’t wait for the developers to get the online multiplayer totally working because it’s a shame it isn’t yet. And knowing this game is in Early Access now, chances are your friends don’t have this one yet so the only option left is playing matches against bots. Despite this little setback (which I’m willing to leave in the middle since it’s an Early Access game), I totally believe in this party game!  

Developer: Super Goodwin Publisher: Super Goodwin
Played on: PC
Perfect for: party game fans
Steam game store link: click here


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