At the beginning of this month, Pixelatto launched their 2D platformer Reventure on Steam. In this game, you are a wannabe hero who is supposed to do hero-ish things but sometimes flips off and does crazy stuff instead. Even just reading the description on Steam, together with the reviews, got me excited for Reventure. Especially the humor aspect the developers seem to put forward peaked my interest, so let’s just get into it okay!

  • 100 ways to die: It may be your goal in this game to find the princess like it is in way too many games. BUT you can also focus on finding all the ways in which you can die! Let me tell you, the second one is way more fun. The game actually offers 100 ways to die, some obvious, some very random, some you won’t see coming at all. It’s a fun way to give a twist to a game you’d think is rather basic at first glance.
  • Hints: I can see you thinking ‘okay so the game offers hints, that’s nothing special’. In Reventure, it’s all about the kinds of hints you’re getting. They’re absolutely vague and when you get your first hint, which was ‘don’t trust old people’ in my case, you’ll probably be like huh what? More will come, like ‘don’t feed the animals’, which will probably make you want to put things to the test and you’ll end up feeding animals.
  • Funny: I mentioned that the ways you can die are fun, and it’s not just that, you get funny comments as well when you die! The chances of actually laughing out loud (LOLing like the young folks will say), are remarkably high here. The humoristic writing in Reventure is definitely one of its best aspects and is a job very well done by the developers.
  • Simple, in a good way: The game is just SO SIMPLE. You go on an adventure, you try to get as far as possible, and you die. A lot. It’s a very simple idea, and when I first lay eyes on this game I was expecting a very simplistic (maybe even to the point of boring) game. Holy shit was I wrong! Not about the game being simplistic, because on the surface it is, but they’re so much more than meets the eye in this case. The creative ways to die, the excellent writing, it makes for a simple game with much deeper thought behind it. There’s also the very simple controls; moving, jumping and interacting. So easy to learn and play!
  • Your hero: The character you’re playing with actually changes, or can become someone completely else like for example their nephew! Your hero will change based on how you died last, for example, you could be covered in a plaster cast because you broke everything. When you eventually die a horrible death that’s permanent, you’ll get a brand new character
  • Very simple graphics: There’s not much to say about the graphics. Reventure uses your basic pixelated art style and it suffices. It’s nice that you get to discover different areas, which are beautiful but nothing too wild or special here.
  • Repetitive: Since you die a lot, things get repetitive quite fast, which is as expected. You don’t continue from the last ‘saving point’ or anything because there are no such things in this game. You just start over again and again and again from the very beginning. This can start to feel like a chore if you do want to advance in the game a little and you die another stupid death you didn’t see coming.

Score: 90%
Reventure is a relaxing, yet exciting game that will easily keep you interested! The simple game idea combined with the fun 100 ways to die create an awesome game experience you should definitely check out! Pixelatto made one kick-ass game, and is selling it at such a low price, I am truly amazed. You shouldn’t even be worried about the repetitive part because buying this game is definitely money well spent!

Developer: Pixelatto Publisher: Pixelatto
Played on: PC
Time to beat: 9 hours
Steam game store link: click here