Renzo Racer

Renzo Racer is a game that’s been around since mid-2017 as an Early Access game on Steam. Ever since the release, EnsenaSoft has continued to work and approve Renzo Racer, including the players in the process. After two years, this fast-paced racing game has undergone a lot of updates and changes already so we’re ready to take the first look!

Let’s go!
  • Graphics: Have you seen the adorable creatures you can race with? Because those animals are just too cute. The same goes for the racing tracks, which are very colorful, bright, and memorable. Besides racing on the road, there are also some water tracks where you use a boat to race. I realize this all might sound a little childish but the game makes it work without coming off as a game for children!
  • Fun gameplay: The gameplay is simple yet fun. You race against 7 other racers, either in single play or in Grand Prix. You’ll find obstacles on the tracks, as well help like speed boosters. There’s also your usual boxes with question marks that grant you various helpful resources. The gameplay is nothing ground-breaking but definitely very fun.
  • VR mode: I haven’t been able to try this out myself since I don’t own a VR set but the possibility of playing Renzo Racer in Virtual Reality mode is always a nice touch. I’m going to go off other people’s comments here and add this in the ‘what’s good’ part of this review, partly because it’s just nice to offer a VR mode, partly because it seems to be working for this game according to other people’s experiences.
First place, hell yes!
  • Slow paced: So, there’s a total of 16 characters and 20 tracks available. The things is, you start with only one character and track. There are no options to choose from when first playing and this is a bit of a shame. Unlocking characters and tracks only happens when you finish first in a race. It’s not like the races are that difficult but still, points for simple effort would’ve been nice. The whole ‘playing is more important than winning’ is not something these developers believe in, I guess.
Bob the Builder, is that you?
  • Slow resetting: Every time you crash against a border, an obstacle or another racer, you either get turned upside down or you get stuck somehow. Okay, cool, this happens in all racing games. BUT, why does it take so long to reset in this game? W H Y? You’re literally losing precious seconds while waiting for your kart to reset.
  • Extra modes: So far there is no local multiplayer mode, nor is there an online multiplayer mode available. For me personally, this is an important aspect of racing games, since racing against AIs can get annoying quite fast at times.

Score: 65%
Renzo Racer is obviously still a game in development. There’s no local or online multiplayer, slow resetting and just an overall slow pace in this game. The gameplay is fun but nothing new. Since Renzo Racer is still in Early Access, I’m still giving this game a score of 65% because I do believe this game has potential and I’m excited to see what the future will bring for this one!

Developer:  EnsenaSoft  Publisher:  EnsenaSoft  
Played on: PC
Perfect for:  Mario Kart fans with lower standards
Steam game store link: click here