REVIEW: Tyd wag vir Niemand

First released to on the PC market, Skobbejak Games brings Tyd wag vir Niemand to the console market now. When I saw the trailer I couldn’t shake the feeling that I saw something like this before, until later that day I was browsing through my Netflix list, and noticed the movie Inception. And things just clicked. The abstract level design brings back the memory of when they were rebuilding and remodeling the city landscape. As far as the story goes? It starts you off making you descend into a pyramid where they have lost contact with the people inside. Once entered. You find a wireless contraption, basically a VR headset. When placed upon your head things quickly go awry and your only conclusion is to go into whatever is in front of you. So grab your nearest toto, because you won’t be in Kansas anymore! Let’s explore Tyd wag vir Niemand.

This wrigly black thing was the end of me!
  • Music: Oh sweet baby Jesus. The music that was created to accompany this game ‘s puzzles is just AMAZING. From the nice electronic beats all the way to the relaxing and cosmos like tones. I don’t know who the audio guy was? But give this man a medal for choosing the absolute perfect tracks! I had not one puzzle that I thought, hmm… This music does not suit what is being portrayed here. Everything just clicks! Claps
  • Checkpoints: I was really grateful that these were implemented. Because you will need them. A LOT. The checkpoint system is very subtle as well. You’ll have to pass through a soft white light to activate the checkpoint. Die right in front of it and it’s back to the start, OR your previous checkpoint.
  • Time Mechanic: Time waits for no one, but you can slow down time. This is done by using your right trigger. You’ll be using the slow down a lot throughout your run-through. It’s a fun part of these puzzles that add to the complexity of these annoying puzzles. What makes it even more nerve-wracking is the fact that you are on a clock. You’ll hear time creeping back up and you’d do best to hurry your butt over onto some safe ground because as said before. Time waits for no one, and when your time’s up? Everything gets back to its original speed and will result in a restart (with the much needed cursing as well, obviously).
  • Complex!: You’ll notice fairly quickly that a lot of these puzzles have a weird sort of depth to them. They aren’t meant to be run through like a maniac. Sure you could try, but then you’d be resetting a lot, as well as miss out on what is by far one of the best parts of Tyd wag vir Niemand. And that’s the complex nature of the puzzles. All have their own unique vibe. One puzzle can have you running through frantic marbles so you can restoring a sunflower, while the other will have you scurry along slim poles to get to the end. As an additional bonus, NONE of them have a clear indication as to what’s going to happen. And that is one part good, and one part bad.
Now this will make a lot of sunflower seed munchers happy!
  • Complex…: Yeaaah… There are a few puzzles that just take the cake when you’re talking about overly complex material. For instance, there is a puzzle where you got to get a flying airship towards the end of the puzzle. Sure no problem, but the thing is that little ship goes so far out of view, that it’s hard to keep track of. Resulting in many-a restarts because it just crashed into something that isn’t in view! Eventually, you’ll get the feel for it, but the fact that the puzzles are intentionally built this way feels like it was meant to be artificially lengthened.
Where ‘s the werewolf at?
  • Movement: One of the most frustrating things you’ll come to find is the floaty movement. Ofcourse, you won’t notice it when you’re walking on regular land. But the moment that you’ve got to get over the thin beams, or the moving parts? You’ll notice that getting stuck on invisible particles, or falling off of them will be a regular happening. It doesn’t matter how well you guide your person over it, it just… happens. The amount of times that I looked questionable at my controller, damning the thing to the depths of hell is unimaginable…
★ Score: 72% 
Though not perfect, Tyd wag vir Niemand does a good job at bringing to us its puzzle platformer. Though abstract and not your everyday puzzle platformer, you’ll come to enjoy the psychedelic soundtrack and its crazy layouts, eventually. Though not the lengthiest game out there, there’s still enough in here to keep you busy for a few hours!

Developer: Skobbejak Games  Publisher: Skobbejak Games
Played on: Xbox One X Also available on: PC now. PS4 and Switch will follow later.
Achievement difficulty for 1000 Gamerscore: 10 Hours of pure torture.
Perfect for: Puzzle maniacs, people who want to try something different
Xbox Game Store link: Click here

Written by: Alexis

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