Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection has no building limit!

News: At Gamescom Microsoft has announced a new Zoo Tycoon version that can be played in stunning 4K visuals. This new version is called Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection. Let us take a look at some new features and information!

  • New animals from South-America and Australia (hello koalas!), increasing the total animals above 200.
  • It is not made by the previous developer Frontier, the French studio Asobo Studio have replaced them.
  • You can breed animals with your Xbox Live friends.
  • New decoration abilities for all enclosures.
  • Works with Xbox Play Anywhere
  • Performance is a lot better, with an improved frame rate.
  • Existing animal animations have been updated with more unique movements and realistic behavior.
  • And maybe the best news for people who have played it before: NO zoo limit anymore!