Land it! review

I love it that every single developer can bring a game for Xbox One, Land It! wouldn’t have been on Xbox without the independent publishing program.  It also means that really bad games fly its way to Xbox, luckily this isn’t the case for Land It! It doesn’t crash land but it doesn’t have a succesful flight either.  Read this review for Land it! to find out more!


  • Navigating this simple mini game is easy and fun for short sessions, perfect for playing it between Overwatch or “Insert popular game”
  • It becomes quite hectic after a while and making sure that no plane crashes or flies its way into a volcano requires your absolute full attention.
  • You know this, the typical “just one more than I’ll stop” feeling, right? Land It! is a great example! You will play one level, try another endless level and one hour later try the same endless level again.
  • First time I can play as an air traffic controller on Xbox, having all these unique games on the console is bringing a lot of diversity. I always welcome new genres with open arms!


  • Switching planes can be confusing and slow, causing some game over screens.
  • Sound and graphics are below average, I understand that the game doesn’t require mind blowing realistic graphics but what we have now is a little bit lackbuster.


Score: 63% | Not all games on Xbox need to be graphical powerhouses or shooters. Having this relaxing but also demanding Land It! on Xbox One brings some original experiences that you can find on your mobile phone. The game is a fun experience but not something you will play for weeks.

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