Tour de France 2016

I have to be honest and say that I don’t really follow the cycling sport, before playing this game I couldn’t even say one single name from a Tour de France cyclist. My interest for this sport became much higher after playing Tour de France 2016, the game isn’t for everyone but it surprised me quite hard. Please read on and check out why Tour de France 2016 is worth buying!


  • Managing energy and attacking at the right times or laying back a little and travel with the peloton. Both are really important while playing Tour de France 2016, finding the right balance between your cycling style is a challenging but fun process.
  • Having more than 150 riders on screen is really impressive, visually the game isn’t mind blowing but its good enough to really enjoy the environments.
  • Playing as a team and having to give team instructions makes Tour de France 2016 a very strategic game. It always makes you second-guess your game plans, should I attack now? Should I stay in the Peloton? Will I have enough energy to attack this climb? All the different things you have to consider makes it a very fun brain challenge.
  • Tour de France fans will be happy to see some familiar recreated places.  Ventoux, Mont Saint-Miche or the beatiful  Champs Elysées. You can all experience it in Tour de France 2016.
  • You can play with your friend in co-op play, on one screen. The game suffers from a few frame rate issues while playing this mode but its really fun and something totally different than your usual Killer Instinct or Fifa match.


  • Stages can be very long, forcing you to play for 30 minutes and more. I can imagine that not everyone will enjoys this.
  • Very repetitive


Score: 75% | Tour de France 2016 is a game that all cycling fans should buy, even for players like me, that aren’t really into the cycling sport, Tour de France 2016 is still a fun and pretty unique game for Xbox One. I have to applaud the developers making this game challenging and fun, who thought riding a stage for 300 KM would be something you could enjoy?

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