Cubikolor review

How much fun can you have with a cube with colors? Plenty, if you have the patience. Moving Player’s Cubikolor is the perfect game for players that love to use logic rather than luck. Let’s find out why in this review!

Developer: Fractal Box
Publisher:  Moving Player
Size: 430 MB
Price: €8
I played Cubikolor five hours before writing this review, LifeisXbox received a review code from the developer.


  • Your cube has six different colors and your task that activating switches with the correct color so you can progress. That means that you really need to plan your movement, it’s not suitable for everyone but requiring to use logic thinking is the most fun part of Cubikolor. It reminds me a little of chess, planning five to six moves before your first movement.
  • I was surprised how well the camera worked, you can control it manually so you can take a look at whatever you want. Very useful for planning your movement.
  • The balance between getting stuck and finding the solution is well done, you still need a lot of patience though.
  • Soundtrack and sound isn’t memorable but good enough for a positive mark.


  • It’s very difficult and will likely scare some players away.
  • Levels with a time limit, not sure why this was included. Point of the game is to think when you move, because of the restricted time I was forced to do some lucky experimenting. In other words, I stopped using my brain.


Score 70% | It’s not a walk in the park, Cubikolor is a frustrating and difficult puzzle game that requires your full attention. Even super patient people  will still get stress symptoms for finding the correct movement patterns. Overall, it’s a game you can recommend as a puzzle gamer fan.



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