Sunset Overdrive review

Sunset Overdrive is a new IP for Xbox One from the talented developer Insomniac, the guys that made Resistance and Ratchet and Clank on Playstation. It features a big colorful open world in a third person perspective. The game is brilliant and is still my favorite game on the system. Check out why in this review from Sunset Overdrive!

LifeisXbox wil be reviewing every Xbox One exclusive that came out before the launch of this website, Sunset Overdrive is part of that.


  • Fantastic colorful open world with an unprecedented work of art detail. Every single wall or object has something unique. Very impressive
  • The Build your own character feature is well made and you can really make some cool stuff.
  • Gameplay traversal is a mix from Tony Hawk Pro Skater, Crackdown and some of Insomniac’s previous work. It’s wel balanced and most of all very, very fun to play.
  • Sunset Overdrive has a great sense of humour for every age. I was really laughing out loud on multiple occasions. Sure, it’s a little cheesy sometimes but I loved it.
  • Voice actors, especially the female voice is top notch.
  • The many different weapons all have something special, it has a strong Ratchet and Clank feel and that’s only positive. It makes the combat feel fresh every single time and gives many replay value.


  • Not all quests are fun, a few  fetch quests that could have been made more fun.
  • Lackbuster online multiplayer, fun but Sunset Overdrive was clearly made as a singe player experience.

Score: 96% | No game is perfect, ill agree on that every single time. Sunset Overdrive comes close and every single minute that I played was bloody awesome. This is without a doubt the best Xbox One game that you can currently play.



251 thoughts on “Sunset Overdrive review”

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