Soda Drinker Pro review, the best worst game ever

What the fuck?! Was my first thought when I started Soda Drinker Pro. My second thought was why anyone would make a game like this. My third thought was who buys this kind of game. My fourth thought was everyone will buy this. Check out this review for Soda Drinker Pro, but ill be honest, reviewing a game like this simply cannot be done right but please read it anymore!

IMPORTANT: If you decide to buy this game be sure that in level 2 of Soda Drinker, make sure you walk into the house or you’ll miss 98% of the game.


  • It’s the first and likely only soda drinker simulation.
  • Kinect can be undusted again, Soda Drinker Pro features some good implanted Kinect controls.
  • Surprisingly it has quite a few content, lots of different levels and that insane “real” hidden game Vivian Clark.
  • Perfect game for streamers.


  • You walk around or just stand still, drinking your virtual soda. Pressing two different buttons, one to bring the soda to your mouth another button to start drinking the soda.
  • Pretty bad graphics, lots of various level design though.
  • Vivian Clark has some cool concepts but it’s mostly bizarre and unclear.
  • Repetitive sounds.
  • It’s wacky stuff will likely cause high sales and I respect that, but as a reviewer I simply cannot recommend buying this game.

Score: 15% | Soda Drinker Pro is the best worst game ever made, it’s perfect for having a fun night but you’ll always know that you are playing one heck of a, mind my language, shit game. One thing is for sure though, It’s the first and only soda drinking simulation game.

107 thoughts on “Soda Drinker Pro review, the best worst game ever”

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