Dark Souls 3 review

Mugrrrraaahh, the sound when I die again from the same enemy in Dark Souls 3. Dying so many times in a game, it’s not something I’m used too but I don’t mind. Only one game is worth all that death emotion and that’s Dark Souls 3! Read in this review why I think it’s one of the best Xbox one games that you can buy.


  • Award winning enemy design, it turns typical roleplaying enemies like spiders and rats to new creative height.
  • Beautiful environments with stunning views.
  • Dark Souls 3 is a difficult game, very hard for long time franchise players. It’s gameplay remains unique and well balanced enough to be insanely addictive.
  • Fightsystem is a strategic experience that works in many ways. You can find your own way of playing the game.
  • Replay value is pretty high with multiple endings and different classes.
  • Level design is top notch with many ways for reaching your goal.


  • Annoying frame rate issues that cause some avoidable deaths.
  • The lock on camera doesn’t always work like it should

Score: 92% | What a blast. Dark Souls 3 is by far the best action RPG on Xbox One. It’s a breathtaking adventure and developer From Software did some masterpiece work on enemy and level design. Perfection would be close if it didn’t have frame rate issues, regardless this is a game that every gamer should try.

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