Closed game studios | 2016 list

It’s not always good news for gaming studios, while many games are successful sometimes that’s not enough and studios are forced to close. We keep this article updated with all studio closures in 2016. (Did I miss any? Feel free to contact me so I can update it)

On 7 March 2016, Fable Legends was cancelled and Microsoft proposed the closure of Lionhead Studios.
Last game: Fable Anniversary (2014)
Known for: Fable,  Black & White, Milo (cancelled), The Movies

On 7 March 2016, Microsoft announced the closure of PressPlay. It was working on Knoxville. With community feedback it was a unique game building process but sadly it never came to fruition.
Last game: Kalimba (2014)
Known for: Max,  Tentacles

On 22 March 2016, Sony announced that Evolution Studios was closed.
Last game: Driveclub (2014)
Known for: WRC, MotorStorm, Driveclub



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