MagNets: Fully Charged review

An arcade collect-em-up platformer, you don’t have many of that on Xbox One. So we could say that Magnets: Fully Charged is filling a gap in Xbox One’s library, but is it good enough ? Let’s find that out in this good and bad review!

!! This review will be updated when the developer brings the promised multiplayer mode !!


  • The idea behind the game is pretty easy and fun for every player. You destroy enemies with your unique attack move, collect the scrap that they leave behind and bring it to somekind of collector that let you progress.
  • While the visuals look a little old, the cartoon like graphics work for the game. Giving it a recognisable look.
  • Faraday, the playable character has that something special when you look at it from a design point. Making it a contender for LifeisXbox’s top indie game characters for 2016.
  • Very simple controls


  • It becomes repetitive after a few levels
  • Frame rate issues when too many enemies show up on your screen.

The conclusion!

Score: 63% Magnets: Fully Charged, while it’s not great, it isn’t bad. You know those games that you play for a few hours and three months later you see the game on your Xbox game page and forgot what it was about? Right, this is that kind of game.  Maybe not something that Total Monkery likes to read but trust me when I say you need to have games like that. Not everything can be great and luckily not everything is bad. Magnets falls in between. 


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