Hitman review

After a few years Agent 47 returns in Hitman, an episodic adventure full with epic kills and stealthy gameplay. In this review you find out if it’s a mission successful or mission failed. 


  • The replay value is very high for every level. Each has very different ways of killing the target and especially getting the opportunity for killing the target.
  • Graphics don’t make the game, gameplay is more important but oh my.. those Hitman graphics really are beautiful. Great lighting and crisp textures
  • The gameplay from Hitman has always been unique and that’s no different for this Hitman. Killing people quietly is something really cool.


  • Frame rate issues aren’t rare in Hitman
  • Loading times can be long, a few minutes even.
  • Enemies aren’t really bright stars, the AI is pretty much stupid most if the time. They find it normal that you sneak around while in disguise, let you easily escape when you killed someone

The conclusion!

score: 72% – Hitman made me very curious for it’s upcoming monthly content but at the same time I hope they fix some annoying bugs before the new content is out. For stealth lovers it’s a game that I can recommend, although it’s fairly easy.

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