Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign Review

The famous match 3-gems puzzle genre and Marvel clash together to bring Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign for Xbox One. It might be a weird mix but the story, characters and addictive gameplay make it an incredible experience.  You’ll read why in this review!

The Xbox One version has Thor: Goddess of Thunder exclusive from the beginning without paying for it. It also includes DLC packs Science Friction and The Case of the Cold Chimichangas, also without extra costs.

While the game will be on most people’s radar for Marvel, it was actually Puzzle Quest that made me very interested in this game. For me it’s the best gem matching franchise available, and luckily that didn’t change. Unlike other similar games the gem board is really, really important for all the tactical choices you can make. Each Marvel character (and you have a lot of them) have different abilities that use different colours, meaning you don’t only have to look at matching the same three colours but also look 3-4 steps a head so the enemy can’t use your move in his advantage. So the strategic gameplay really brings some intense online and offline moments unlike anything before.


  • Fan favorite character variety with lots of depth and possibilities
  • Addictive  strategic gameplay
  • 100+ hours content
  • Great art design for the characters
  • Impressive difficulty balancing


  • Story is a little plain, expected a little more punch but it’s decent enough.


  • Repetitive sound

Score: 91%

257 thoughts on “Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign Review”

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