Stikbold announced for Xbox One!

Stikbold! is a groovy 70s-themed single and local multiplayer fantasy dodgeball game with quirky arenas and chaos-inducing random events.

Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure is an over-the-top action sportsgame with strong resemblance to dodgeball. Stikbold is a glorious and intense sport, which will surely put your friendships to the test with fast-paced, hard-hitting and occasionally hilariously unfair gameplay. Go on an exciting co-op adventure through the charming story campaign, or test your skills against friends and family, in the definitive battle of the living room. Be victorious or go out with a BAM!… and have your revenge from beyond!

Coming Q2, 2016 for Xbox One

93 thoughts on “Stikbold announced for Xbox One!”

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