Amazing Princess Sarah review

Getting attention as a retro 2D  action platformer isn’t simple, excuse my language but even big female parts as a banner doesn’t really help getting noticed (or does it?) But still, Amazing Princess Sarah is totally worth your precious time, read in this review why!

These days you like the genre or you don’t, Amazing Princess Sarah doesn’t change that. If you want pretty looking graphics and mind blowing set pieces please buy another game, but for those that love the old school gameplay for a good old platform game this game will be something for you. It has solid platforming although it’s very basic and straightforward, it does have some impressive boss fights that use the levels well. What makes this game stand out is it’s fighting combo system, you can pick up corpses from enemies and use them for destroying other enemies. Fun, but after a while you get a been there done that feeling, luckily the difficulty is pretty spot on so you’ll always enjoy a good challenge without getting annoyed.


  • Enough content for your money! 5-6 hours for completing the story and another 6 gameplay changing extra game modes.
  • Good enemy design, looking at you boss characters!
  • Perfect difficulty
  • (Funny achievement descriptions, worth writing but doesn’t change opinion on game)


  • Level design could have been better


  • Sarah’s voice becomes annoying pretty fast. Quoting my girlfriend: “She sounds like a chicken …”

Score: 73%

267 thoughts on “Amazing Princess Sarah review”

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