Sparkle 2 review

10tons is back with it’s Sparkle franchise on Xbox One, I loved the previous Sparkle Unleashed last year so this new one has to be good too right? Let’s find out in this Sparkle 2 review!

Sparkle 2 is a typical good value marble shooter, when you compare it with Unleashed from last year you’ll notice that 10tons has done a lot more effort with this new Sparkle game. Voice overs, new gameplay abilities and lots and lots of content. They also added a simple story for collecting five keys but that doesn’t really matter much but I didn’t hate it either. The game is an easy recommendation for every gamer, especially puzzle lovers. You can play a few levels or continue playing it for hours and hours.


  • Great value for it’s price tag
  • Great soundtrack and voice actor
  • You can customize the game in many ways, so your experience can be totally different. All thanks to the different powerups that you pick in the beginning.
  • Great challenge for everyone, even hardcore marble players will have sweaty hands with Cataclysm difficulty


  • Story isn’t memorable but it wasn’t bad either, this game doesn’t really need a “story” though


Score: 85%

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