After one month: time to fix Rainbow Six: Siege Ubisoft

First things first, when everything works Rainbow Six: Siege is one of the greatest online games ever. It reminds me of some of the unforgettable Socom teamwork moments on Playstation 2. Sadly the game has been an unplayable mess at many random times.

This is what we, Siege players are experiencing while playing the game. (And still we play this game frequently because it’s THAT good)

  • Frequent random disconnects while playing
  • Party invites that never show up, resulting that friends need to send 20 invites.
  • “Please wait, syncing data” bug that prevents continuing playing after the game ends. Resulting that you need to invite your friends again (check the previous issue) and you don’t get your Renown rewards
  • Terrorists can get outside BEFORE the police spawns resulting in deaths before you  respawn.
  • Hit registration is absolutely terrible
  • Kill cams that shows that the enemy player sees different things (for example: other movement, no smoke or flashbang effects)
  • Random loading freezes that just show smoke, you need to restart your game if this happens

All the above bugs mean that one out of three games is bugged and that’s unacceptable, Ubisoft it’s time to fix this, now.

101 thoughts on “After one month: time to fix Rainbow Six: Siege Ubisoft”

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