The Crew Wildrun

The Crew Wildrun are two things, first a major free update for every Crew player and secondly a paid addon with new content for newcomers and people that already bought The Crew. But is it worth your money? Spoiler, The Crew wasn’t, The Crew Wildrun is.

As a disappointed Crew player I wasn’t really looking forward for Wildrun, but the developer Ivory Tower made one hell of a turn around and made The Crew Wildrun a fun experience. Everything that was bad about The Crew has been dealt with. Graphics have been improved, much less pop up, more fun missions with monster trucks and motorbikes. It doesn’t happen a lot in the gaming industry but the developer took the time changing the bad into something good. It’s just a shame that the controls still feel a little awkward.


  • Monster truck missions are a real blast
  • Weather effect bring a new way to play the Crew
  • The Crew remains really fun for online co-op gamers

Mixed feelings

  • The controls remain a little weird, in between realistic and arcadey. Not a fan.


  • Drag racing feeling like an afterthought
  • Server issues prevending you from playing the game

Score: 76%


229 thoughts on “The Crew Wildrun”

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