Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars fans around the world can’t complain about 2015, the new movie, Disney infinity for Star wars and now the long awaited Battlefront. Is the battle between rebels and the Empire worth it? Let’s find out in this Star Wars Battlefront review!

First let me get one thing straight, while you have some single player content Battlefront is for online players only and is a waste of money if you don’t like to play online. That said, the battlefield has never been so beautiful and Star wars Battlefront delivers an excellent authentic Star Wars feeling with sounds and fan favorite content. With some unique game modes and deep progression opportunities it’s a game with lots of playability. It sets a new bar as a graphical experience but gameplay suffers a little from the randomness and unbalanced weapons and especially grenades.


  • Incredible authentic sound, close your eyes and you are right in the Star Wars universe with all the sounds you know and love.
  • Very impressive graphics with a very stable frame rate
  • Fun online and local co-op survival missions
  • It feels epic controlling a hero like Vader or Han Solo
  • Every map (or environment) feels like a movie scene


  • Not for single player gamers
  • More multiple playable races would have been welcome


  • Noticeable ground pop up textures
  • Balance between weapons and gear is not fair
Score: 80%

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