Halo 5: Guardians review

Xbox One’s biggest exclusive game has arrived, the guardian for the console and always good for incredible sale numbers. Let’s find out what I think about 343’s newest shooter.

Master Chief isn’t the only one in the spotlight in this newest Halo game, you could say that Guardians is Spartan Locke’s game because you don’t get to play often as Master Chief. Not really an issue for me but I can imagine that loyal Halo fans will be disappointed. Anyway, to make up for that 343 made sure that Halo fans have enough new lore and story to experience and I have to say that the storytelling is fantastic, on par with the excellent gameplay.


  • Great artdesign
  • Interesting story between Master Chief and Locke
  • Brand new online modes that bring Halo to a new high class level
  • Requisitions rewards in multiplayer is addictive and balanced
  • Chatter between Blue team and team Osiris, great for backstory and humor moments.
  • New Spartan abilities improve the gameplay


  • Graphics could have been better,  levels are insanely well made and beautiful and the skylines are simply the best I ever seen but some levels, for example the glass level is simply ugly and weird. Halo 5 suffers from some pop up too and the backgrounds are often low resolution 2D backgrounds. Halo has always been a showcase for Xbox with performance and graphics, that isn’t the case for Halo 5.


  • No more local co-op
  • Normal and heroic are a little easy

Score: 82%

84 thoughts on “Halo 5: Guardians review”

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