Daily Comeback 15/10

All the news about Xbox One from the last 24 hours, what to expect tomorrow on Life is Xbox and what’s new today on the Xbox Store.

Xbox One news from the past 24 hours

Some Halo 5 information for you.

Halo 5 Guardians has a  9GB day one patch, prepare to wait a little longer when you want to play the game for the first time on your Xbox One!

You can also look at the Halo 5 Guardians achievements on Halo Waypoint, achievements include campaign challenges, commanding your team in creative ways, collecting valuable ONI intel, making magic in multiplayer and much more.

Horror game becomes horror

Guillermo del Toro about Silent Hills cancellation: “It makes no sense at all that the game is not happening.”

Farming gets bigger

Xbox One owners with Farming Simulator can download the free update soon for the Gold Edition with one new farmland and new vehicles and tools.

Tomorrow on LifeisXbox.eu

  • Minecraft: Story Mode episode 1 review
  • WRC5 review

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