Blood Bowl 2 review

Orcs, goblins and more battling it out in a brutal football game, be honest that sounds awesome right? Let’s find it out in this review from Blood Bowl 2!

-Warhammer and sport united!

Blood Bowl 2 is for players that want a challenge. You’ll need to have a plan to win and play tactical in this turn based sports game. With patience and understanding you’ll eventually get the basics  and have some real fun moments. Especially the campaign mode is a well made mode that explains the game very well, knowledge that you can use in the online leagues.


  • Nice looking graphics and great character design
  • Commentators are really good, bringing life into the game and humor
  • Addictive gameplay off and online


  • Not for everyone
  • Very difficult game with a limited  ingame tutorial


  • AI can take a long time to decide what to do. (1-2 minutes)
  • Games take a very long time (35-50 minutes)
Score: 71/100

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