Gears of War: Ultimate Edition review

Since the Ultimate Edition from Gears of War came out on Xbox One I spend hours and hours online and every single second was pure entertainment. 

-Marcus Phoenix is back in action

Gears fan or not, everyone has to agree that Gears of War shaped the game industry with it’s game concepts on Xbox 360. It’s return for Xbox One is a huge selling point for the console. Personally I’m an incredible fan for the online gameplay for the game, it’s a one of a kind experience that I can play hours and hours every single day. The single player is very linear but has some memorable moments and addictive gameplay. The gore and exploding body parts make Gears what it is. Fully aimed at adult hardcore gamers, this is simply a game that you must play on your Xbox-console.


  • Campaign mode that you can play with two players, online and offline.
  • A game that set the foundation for third person shooters
  • Beautiful gore graphics
  • One of my favorite online shooter games


  • Linear experience
Score: 93/100

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