Bridge Constructor review

Building bridges, no not the Eurovision 2015 slogan but really building bridges around the world so cars and trucks can use them. That’s the concept from Bridge Constructor. Weird concept you’d think but this game is addictive and fun!

– In Golden Gate Bridge footsteps

For this game you don’t need to be an engineer to build bridges, you do need to be clever enough to understand some physics but with some trial & error you can enjoy this game for a quick or long game session. It’s a straight port of the Windows Store version but the graphics have been improved a little, it’s good enough to enjoy the really fun gameplay. You’ll love every single moment from the 64 different levels. To my surprise the controls are excellent on the Xbox One controller too.  I’m a fan and very happy that Heads Up games decided to bring the mobile hit Bridge Constructor for Xbox One! Now if you don’t mind ill continue rebuilding some famous bridges like Brooklyn Bridge and Sydney Harbour Bridge.


  • 64 fun levels
  • Addictive gameplay and a perfect mix between trial & error
  • Big replay value
  • Perfect for short or long game sessions


  • Music is very basic
  • Not for everyone, the repetitive things you do can be frustrating but you know what to expect with a name like “Bridge Constructor”

Score: 68/100


176 thoughts on “Bridge Constructor review”

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